Oregon State Bar Bulletin – AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2005


Web Wars
Online legal research at the crossroads
By Sarah Kellogg

A Practical Era
The beginning
(or the end) of pragmatism

By Jeff Bleich, Anne Voigts &
Michelle Friedland

Martin Turns 50
Fluoridation litigation, then and now
By Antonia Giedwoyn

Profiles in the Law
Rudyard Coltman:
From Bankruptcy to Bergman

By Melody Finnemore



Letters to the Editor


OSB Continuing Legal Education

Bar Counsel
10 Pieces of Advice:
Recent formal ethics
opinions from the ABA

By George A. Riemer

Oregon Legal Heritage
Built Like a Fortress:
Preserving Oregon’s historic
supreme court building

By Melody Finnemore


Bar News

Among Ourselves


In Memoriam


Parting Thoughts
E-mail Do’s and Don’ts
By Edwin J. Peterson

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When the large information services companies didn’t immediately focus on sole practitioners and small law firms as a viable online market, the inaction created a vacuum, and low-cost or no-cost online peers filled it. Writer Sarah Kelloggs looks at the rise of Casemaker and other alternatives to the major online providers.