Oregon State Bar Bulletin — MAY 2004

Bar News

Annual meeting to feature ethics, technology, marketing
The 2004 Annual Meeting will feature two tracks of education designed to provide participants CLE programs in the areas of ethics, elimination of bias, technology, marketing and more.

Back in Portland after more than 10 years, the meeting will take place Oct. 14-16 at the Oregon Convention Center. This year’s meeting will also include an exhibitor trade show, the President’s Annual Awards Dinner and Dance, the networking lunch and 'Bar Search' — a party reminiscent of the old annual meeting tent shows of the 1950s and ’60s.

The meeting will conclude with the House of Delegates meeting on Saturday. This year, the Oregon New Lawyer’s Division’s SuperSaturday CLE event will also take place on Saturday.

Watch for more details in future issues of the Bar News and on the bar’s website at www.osbar.org.

Judicial voter’s guide unveiled on bar’s website
A guide to assist voters in this year’s judicial primary and election has been been posted to the Oregon State Bar’s website. The guide features profiles of candidates for positions in circuit courts, the Court of Appeals and the Oregon Supreme Court.

'We hope this guide increases both the quantity and quality of information available about Oregon’s judicial races,' says OSB communication’s director Kay Pulju. 'The bar is proud of Oregon’s history of selecting judges on a non-partisan basis. With this guide we hope to give voters solid information on judicial candidates without compromising a judges’ most important attribute: the ability to be fair and impartial from the bench.'

One section features information about the judiciary’s role, Oregon’s court system and tips on how to evaluate your state and local races. Another section contains candidate profiles with detailed statements to a questionnaire created by the OSB communications department.

Almost all of the candidates in contested races answered the survey; some candidates in uncontested races offered profiles as well.

The voter’s guide can be viewed at http://www.osbar.org/barnews/judiciary.html.

Lawyers thanked for contributions to 2003 food bank fund drive

Oregon Lawyers Against Hunger (OLAH) thanks members of the Oregon legal community who contributed to its 2003 fundraising drive to benefit Oregon Food Bank. Last year’s annual fundraising effort raised more than $115,000 for Oregon Food Bank. OLAH particularly wishes to thank those contributors who are members of Oregon Food Bank’s 'One Thousand Pound Club' and 'One Ton Club.'

Thousand Pound Club members: Patricia Allen, Alice Amory & Carl Scheffler, Nelson and Susan Atkin, James and Mary Jo Bartels, Jeffrey Batchelor, Steven Berman, Marilyn and Daniel Bishop, Victoria Blachly, Pamela and Marshall Bodle, Ernest Bonyhadi, Bullard, Korshoj, Smith & Jernstedt, Bruce and Ramona Cahn, Michael and Amy Cambell, David Canary, Jeanne and Kenneth Chamberlain, Gary & Elizabeth Christensen, Margaret and James Cicchetti, Nancy Cooper, Sarah Crooks, Kaleen Deatherage, Raymond Dippert, Brain and Denise Doherty, Timothy and Sonja Dozois, Eileen and Bruce Drake, John and Rita Dunbar, Jeffrey Edelson, Joy Ellis, Tammy English-Mason & Greg F. Mason, Brien Flanagan, Lawrence Frank & Merry Gilbertson, Greta Freudenberg, Mark Friel, Teresa and Howard Fuhrman, John Gadon, Marianne Ghim, Richard and Barbara Glick, Diana E. Godwin, Brower and Bonny Hannah, B.C. Harmon, Timothy Harmon, Edwin and Emily Harnden, Laury and James Hennings, Christopher and Rebecca Heuer, Carol and James Hibbs, Robert Hirshon, Janet Lee Hoffman, Jennifer and Gary Holcomb, Paula Holm Jensen & K. Eirik Wilson, Patrick and Kimberly Holmes, Pamela Jacklin, Joel and Patricia Kaplan, Keith and Jean Ketterling, Diane and Brion Kimmel, Kevin and Helen Koliner, Dana Krawczuk, William and Sheryl Lackey, Sally and Robert Landauer, Larkins Vacura LLP, Sharon Leslie, Dennis and Sandra Leybold, Eric A. Lindenauer, Lindsay, Hart, Neil & Weigler, LLP, Leah Lively, Sabrina and Darien Loiselle, Steven Lovett & Constance Sullivan, David and Lynn Matheson, William and Linda Mehlhaf, Michael B. Mendelson, Molly and Charles Mickley, Johnston A. Mitchell & Christine Coers-Mitchell, Steven Moore, M.M. and Steven Morasch, Gregory and Rebecca Mowe, David and Anne Munro, Emi Murphy, Alfred & Terrie Murray, Barbara Nay, Darcy Norville & Ira Zarov, Ingolf and Margaret Noto, Karen O’Connor Kruse and Jon Kruse, J. Patrick O’Malley, Terrence and Diane Pancoast, William Patton, Walter Pendergrass, Claire Philpott, Elizabeth and Barry Pinkley, Barbara and Robert Radler, Cecil Reniche-Smith, Lynn Robertson, Melissa Ryan, Gail Sanders, Jeffrey Schick, Michael Schmeer, Harold and Diana Scoggins, Robin Selig & Harrison Latto, L. and G.L. Simson, Lisa and M.P. Sindlinger, Deborah Stare, Patricia Storey, Jennifer and Christopher Storey, Patte and Edward Sullivan, Laura Takasumi, Judith Thompson, Rebecca and Michael Tom, Jenny Trieu, Stephen Uriguen, Margaret Van Valkenburg, Nancy and Bruce Vandenbrou Orr, Susan Watts & Greg Anderson, Robert Weaver & Hannah Callaghan, Felicia A. Wheeler & Mark Heizer, Blaine and Lorna Jo Whipple, Marcus William, Scott Wyse, Paul and Jennifer Xochihua, Maryann Yelnosky-Smith & Jesse Smith.

One-Ton Club members: Steven Alexander, Anonymous, Ater Wynne LLP, Kary Bahr & Timothy Garling, Banks Law Office, Gary and Lois Barnum, Anne Barragar, Melissa Baumgardner, John and Gloria Bennett, Carol and James Berreth, Black Helterline LLP, David Bledsoe & Christine Pallier, Mark Bocci, Bullivant, Houser & Bailey, Carmen Calzacorta, John Cameron, Lisa Carlson & David Baca, Kenneth P. Childs, Marie and Patrick Collins, Dianne Dailey, Kendra and Lorne Dauenhauer, Kenneth and Marci Davis, Penny Davis, Davis, Wright, Tremaine, Thomas and Marilyn Deering, Kathleen Dent, John Dilorenzo, Jr., Michael and Cheryl Dotten, William Earle, Farleigh, Wada & Witt, P.C., James and Betty Fell, Kimball and Sue Ferris, Daniel J. Field & Susan Kramer, James Finn & Alanna Bove, Valerie Fisher, Sean and Victoria Fitzgerald, Mary and David Frantz, Michael Gadd, Morris Galen, Christopher Garrett, Eugene and Janet Grant, Eric and Kimberly Grasberger, Karin Guenther, Caroline Guest & Stephen Pellegrom, Mark Hackett, James and Monica Harbolt, Douglas and Tanya Harding, Steven and Marypat Hedberg, Heller Ehrman, Cynda Herbold, James and Janet Hibbard, Stephen and Sharon Hill, Thomas and Cynthia Hillier, Natalie and Brett Hocken, Ronald and Marne Hoevet Lewis and Lisa Horowitz, David Hosenpud, Charles Hudson, Everett Jack, Jr., Susheela Jayapal & Bradley Miller, Drew Johnson & Diane Moen, Thomas and Janet Jones, Joshua Kadish & Elizabeth Maas, Lisa Kaner, Catherine Keenan, Michael Kennedy, Elizabeth and Ethan Knight, Robert and Denise Koury, Allyson Krueger, Harriett La Rue, Lafky & Lafky, Lane Powell Spears Lubersky LLP, Rodney Lewis, Charles and Marianne Lewis, Robert Lowry, David Ludwig, Robert Maloney, George and Tara Mardikes, Jeffrey and Sally Matthews, John Mc Grory Jr. & Leslie Root, James McDermott, Katherine A. McDowell, Laura and Erich Merrill, Mitchell, Lang & Smith, Lynn Montgomery & Shaun Wardinsky, Jenna Mooney, Multnomah Bar Association, Carol and Patrick O’Connell, Christy A. Omohundro & James M. Van Nostrand, Jack and Erika Orchard, Milo Ormseth, John Osburn & Kathryn Koepke, Turid Owren, David and Karen Petersen, Milo and Marilyn Petranovich, Michael Phillips, Bryan Powell & Janice Weis, Helen and Charles Pruitt, Cynthia Ream, Dan Reising, Sarah Ryan & Douglas Larson, Thomas Sand, Schoenfeld & Schoenfeld, P. C., Schroeder Law Offices, P.C., Schulte, Anderson, Downes, Aronston & Bittner, P.C., Peter and Penny Serrurier, Catherine Shaw & Erik Kvarsten, Beth Skillern, Thomas and Rebecca Sondag, Staley Aubertine LLP, The Standard Insurance Company, Ellyn Sternfield & Alan Blank, Judith and Milton Stewart, Julie and Brad Summers, Sandra Szczerbicki, Kent and Jerralynn Thurber, Catherine Travis, Stewart Tremaine, Joan and Timothy Volpert, Mark Wada, John Walsh & Denise Truner, Warren West, Julie Weston, Jeffrey Wihtol, Joel Wilson, Mike Winslow, Jeffrey Wolfstone, Yates, Matthews & Associates, P.C.

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Judicial preference poll process changed

By Ron Bryant
Chair, Special Committee on the Judiciary

On April 5, 2003, the Board of Governors made changes to Board Policy 5.603(C) (now OSB Bylaw 2.702) regarding bar polls. The changes included conducting a preference poll for appointments only at the request of the governor or OSB Board of Governors. Preference polls will still be conducted for contested judicial elections. Further changes were made on April 2, 2004 to change the notification authority from the governor’s office to the bar.

The governor is committed to seeking local input. Rather than use bar polls, the governor will seek input when making circuit court appointments through a variety of methods. For instance, he is likely to ask the local bar associations or local screening committees to conduct due diligence and in-depth reviews on candidates for circuit court vacancies. Such reviews will include contact with people in the community who are familiar with the qualification of the candidate and consideration of the needs of the court, the community, and of the particular bench. In addition, the names of applicants will be posted on the bar’s website and members of the bar will be able to make comments to the local screening committees or to the governor’s office regarding individual candidates. The results of the local review process and comments from members of the bar will be considered by the governor when making an appointment.

In making his judicial appointments, the governor ordinarily considers the interest forms and other materials submitted by the candidate and other comments and information submitted to the governor’s office.

When vacancies occur the bar will send a copy of the Notice of Judicial Vacancy to members by e-mail or by regular mail if an e-mail address is not listed with the bar. The notice will also be posted on the bar’s website, www.osbar. org, with a link to the governor’s office website to access the application form. The website will also include the names of the local screening committee members, names of the applicants once they are available, and contact information of the person to whom members can submit comments.

Notice of reinstatement applications
Two persons have filed an application for reinstatement as an active member of the Oregon State Bar pursuant to Rule of Procedure (BR) 8.1.

Craig S. Jepson of Concord, N.H., OSB #90073, was admitted to the Oregon State Bar on April 7, 1990. In 1995, he moved to Washington state, where he is also admitted to practice law. On July 2, 1996, he was suspended from the Oregon State Bar for failure to pay his bar dues. In mid-1998, Jepson relocated to Concord to accept a teaching position at Franklin Pierce Law Center, where he continues to be employed as a full-time law professor.

David N. Lackey of Salem, OSB #73352, was admitted to the Oregon State Bar on Oct. 10, 1973. For many years,Lackey was a state administrative law judge. He was suspended from the practice of law for one year for disciplinary reasons effective March 11, 2002 (In re Lackey, 333 Or 215, 37 P3d 172(2002)). He is now seeking reinstatement.

The Rules of Procedure require the Board of Governors to conduct an investigation of BR 8.1 reinstatement applications to determine whether applicants possess the good moral character and general fitness to practice law and that the resumption of the practice of law in this state by applicants will not be detrimental to the administration of justice or the public interest. Any person with information relevant to these applications is asked to contact the OSB Regulatory Services Division, P.O. Box 1689, Lake Oswego, OR 97035; phone: (503) 620-0222, or toll-free in Oregon at (800) 452-8260, ext. 343.