Oregon State Bar Bulletin — JUNE 2004

CLE Seminars

Handling Domestic Relations Cases
July 9, 9 a.m.-4:15 p.m.
Oregon Convention Center
4 general CLE credits and 2 ethics credits

Focus on the divorce process rather than case law. Learn practical aspects of handling the case, from filing the petition through the entry of judgment. Receive essential updated forms, which comply with recent legislative changes. Utilize hands-on applications that will immediately improve your practice. Our panel of expert Oregon practitioners will provide valuable information, including: working with your client and opposing counsel; confronting difficult ethics issues; and avoiding common mistakes and malpractice traps.

Ast (7/30) Coos (7/23) Eug (7/30) GP (7/22) HR (7/23) Klam (7/23) LG (7/23) LO (8/21) Med (7/30) New (7/30) Pend (7/30) Red (7/30) Rose (7/22) Sal (7/23) Vale (7/23)

Ethics in 18 Holes
July 15, 10:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
The Resort at the Mountain, Welches
4 ethics credits

Step outside the lecture hall and earn CLE ethics credit in a unique environment. Eighteen ethics scenarios and a set of multiple-choice answers are your course materials. Three other players complete your team. As you play each hole discuss a scenario and your answers. At the conclusion of the game, head to the "19th Hole" for a panel discussion of the scenarios and answers by legal ethics specialists. Non-golfers may participate by riding the course and answering the questions at each hole.

No video replay available.

Persuasive Presentation Skills for the Courtroom and the Boardroom
July 23, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
World Forestry Center, Portland
6 general CLE Credits

While it is unwise for lawyers to think they are learning the law from actors in the movies, actors, directors and writers can demonstrate how lawyers can improve their persuasion and presentation skills, whether before the court or the chairman of the board. Using movie clips and analysis from a seasoned trial attorney, you’ll learn from the approaches used in well-known classics and modern day favorites. Afterwards, learn from two skilled professionals — courtroom experts — who will show the techniques to emphasize effective persuasion, storytelling and controlling the presentation.

No video replay available.

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CLE Publications

Construction Law is the two-volume resource for Oregon lawyers involved in anything from negotiating construction contracts to disputes, claims, liens, bonds, federal procurements and design-build, residential or state and local construction. Completely revised to incorporate 2003 legislative changes with guidance on new laws taking effect in 2005, it also includes parallel citations for current ORS chapter 279 and new ORS chapters 279A, 279B, and 279C and substantive changes in the law. New: contains over 30 forms on disk.

Find updates and discussions on topics such as:

To order, call the OSB Order Desk at (503) 684-7413, or toll-free in Oregon at (800) 452-8260, ext. 413, or order online at www.osbar.org. Visit our online bookstore to view tables of contents or a sample chapter outline with part of the chapter for each book.

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Coming Up

July 14 Summer Series: Rules of the Road: Bicycle Law

July 14 Summer Series: Traffic School

July 21 Summer Series: Elder Mediation

July 21 Summer Series: Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act

July 29 Estate Planning for Nontraditional Couples

Aug. 11 Summer Series: CSI — Separating Fact from Fiction

Aug. 13 Health Care Fraud

Aug. 16-20 Summer Video Week

Sept. 16 Winning Numbers, with John Moore

Sept. 23 Powerful Motion Practice

Oct. 1 Advising Nonprofits

Oct. 7 Computer and Internet Law

Oct. 8 Elder Law

Oct. 14-16 OSB Annual Meeting

Oct. 20 Child Abuse Reporting

Oct. 21 Labor & Employment Law

Oct. 22 Advanced Land Use Planning

Oct. 29 Drafting Documents for the Business Life Cycle

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