Oregon State Bar Bulletin — DECEMBER 2004


Pay Your Dues
I am all for the bar disciplining its own, when the discipline is due.

In the October bar Bulletin there was one discipline summary about a member who forged someone else’s name onto an Internet website and made it appear that that individual, a school teacher, was having sexual relations with girls at his school. In another case the lawyer continued practicing law after being suspended for failing to pay his dues.

The former received a public reprimand, the latter a 180-day suspension.

I am not sure we have our priorities straight, but I will make sure I pay my dues.

Norman D. Malbin

Style Question
If you do continue to publish names of disciplined lawyers, I would like to suggest that you use the common title of Mr., or Mrs., or Miss, or Ms., as the case may be, when referring to that unfortunate soul. The Wall Street Journal sees fit to refer to Osama bin Laden as Mr. bin Laden, and I think that we, even in disgrace, deserve that much respect.

Bruce L. Melkonian

Editor’s note: The Bulletin generally hews to the Associated Press Stylebook, which eschews courtesy titles and other honorifics. Publications vary widely in their choice of style (contrast the WSJ, for example, with, say, Wired.) A.P. style falls comfortably in between — neither too elite nor too pedestrian — probably the main reason it is so popular with periodicals.

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