Oregon State Bar Bulletin - MAY 2003


Prosper or Perish
Trends that are changing law firm management
By Cliff Collins

Wedge of Allegiance
Is the Newdow case a portent
of religious intolerance?

By Jacob Pugh

Profiles in the Law
Charlie Adams: Magic of the Trail
By Melody Finnemore



OSB Continuing Legal Education

Bar Counsel
A Model Approach:
Rewriting our disciplinary rules

By Sylvia E. Stevens

Battle for Control:
Legal technology predictions for 2003

By Dennis M. Kennedy

Legal Practice Tips
Talking Points:
Convert “stage fright” into “stage might”

By David J. Dempsey

Law & Life
Law Review:
A Love Story

By Lawrence Savell


Bar News

Among Ourselves


In Memoriam


Parting Thoughts
The Time is Now
By Gov. Ted Kulongoski

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As the legal profession remakes itself, there will be some big winners and a large number of losers. Individual lawyers and law firms will be forced to move and compete in new ways.