Oregon State Bar Bulletin — MAY 2003

CLE Seminars

Drafting Business Documents

May 9, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Oregon Convention Center
6 general and .75 ethics CLE credits

Gain insight, specific strategies and solutions regarding the drafting of business documents. This seminar includes comparisons of sample document language, practice tips, and relevant case or statutory law. Forms and sample language are included in the course materials and also are provided on disk. Highlights include: restrictions on transfers in shareholder agreements; drafting start-up company funding documents; drafting LLC management provisions; and LLC exit provisions.

Ash (5/30) Ast (5/30) CB (5/23) Eug (5/30) GP (5/22) HR (5/23) Klam (5/23) LG (5/23) LO (5/31) New (5/30) Pend (5/30 ) Red (5/30) Rose (5/22) Salem (5/23) Vale (5/23)

The ABC’s of Adoption

May 15, 9 a.m.-4:15 p.m.
May 16, 9 a.m.-4:15 p.m.
Oregon Convention Center
8.75 general, 1.5 ethics, and 2 diversity CLE credits

Explore adoption law in Oregon and learn how to navigate the maze of adoption statutes. Day 1: Topics will include the differences between agency and private adoptions, statutory considerations and legislative update, adoption records and ethical concerns in adoption. Day 2: Topics will include contemporary adoptions involving adult adoptees, same-sex couples, surrogacy and other aspects of assisted reproduction. Step-parent adoptions will be covered. Special concerns pertaining to international adoption and trans-racial and trans-cultural issues also will be explored.

Day 1: Ash (6/6) Ast (6/6) CB (5/30) Eug (6/6) GP (5/29) HR (5/30) Klam (5/30) LG (5/30) LO (6/7) New (6/6) Pend (6/6) Red (6/6) Rose (5/29) Salem (5/30) Vale (5/30)

Day 2: Ash (6/13) Ast (6/13) CB (6/6) Eug (6/13) GP (6/5) HR (6/6) Klam (6/6) LG (6/6) LO (6/14) New (6/13) Pend (6/13) Red (6/13) Rose (6/5) Salem (6/6) Vale (6/6)

ADR: Overcome Barriers to Settling Your Cases

May 28, 9 a.m.-1 p.m.
Oregon State Bar Center
1 ethics and 3 general CLE credits

Take this opportunity to examine best practices in the negotiation and settlement of cases and learn techniques to optimize the settlement value of cases for your clients. Includes a panel discussion examining how lawyers can use mediation to obtain the best possible client outcome.

Ash (6/20) Ast (6/20) CB (6/13) Eug (6/20) GP (6/12) HR (6/13) Klam (6/13) LG (6/13) LO (6/21) New (6/20) Pend (6/20) Red (6/20) Rose (6/12) Salem (6/13) Vale (6/13)

with Marty Latz

June 20, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Oregon Convention Center
1.5 ethics and 5.5 CLE credits

Lawyers negotiate every day. However, most negotiate instinctively rather than honing a strategy — when that one new strategy could make the difference between winning and walking away empty-handed. Learn how to become an effective negotiator and better lawyer when you attend this seminar, including: setting aggressive yet realistic goals; controlling the negotiation agenda; analyzing interests vs. positions; and competitive vs. problem-solving techniques.

Ash (8/1) Ast (8/1) CB (7/25) Eug (8/1) GP (7/24) HR (7/25) Klam (7/25) LG (7/25) LO (8/2) New (8/1) Pend (8/1) Red (8/1) Rose (7/24) Salem (7/25) Vale (7/25)

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CLE Publications

Oregon Formal Ethics Opinions 2003 Supplement

It’s time to update the book you use every day: Oregon Formal Ethics Opinions. The 2003 supplement will be available in mid-May. This book contains the DRs approved by the Oregon Supreme Court and the ethics opinions approved by the OSB Board of Governors. The 2003 supplement includes:

Two new opinions:

  • May a lawyer accept a retainer from the personal representative of an estate as a condition of accepting the representation? What about partial payments before the proceeding is complete?
  • What are the ethics issues connected with accepting credit card payments from clients? Should the credit card payments be deposited into a separate merchant account? How should the lawyer handle a 'chargeback'?

New DR 2-105:

  • May a lawyer accept a commission when referring a client to a nonlawyer? May the lawyer accept a gift?

As always, the opinions and DRs are easily accessible through the updated index, table of authorities and opinion citator. This book is not available on CD-ROM. All formal ethics opinions are accessible online at www.osbar.org (not suitable for inclusion in your binder.)

To order, call the OSB Order Desk, (503) 684-7413; toll-free in Oregon (800) 452-8260, ext. 413. Order online, or check our website to find information on any of our books at www.osbar.org.

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Coming Up

July 9 — Immigration

July 16 — Pet Trusts

July 16 — Pet Legal Issues

July 18 — Special Needs Terms

July 18 — Long-Term Care Issues

July 23 — The Law Library ('The Last Innocent Man' by Phillip Margolin)

August 11-15 — Summer CLE Video Week

August 20 — Entertainment Law

August 20 — Litigating on a Shoestring

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