Oregon State Bar Bulletin — MAY 2003

Bar News

Results for April HOD election
Results of the recent elections to the OSB House of Delegates were announced April 18. Elected were:

Region 1: John Hummel and Arron Guevara.

Region 2: Merv Loya, Hubert G. Duvall Jr. and Arden J. Olson.

Region 3: Debra F.J. Lee.

Region 4: John J. Tyner III, Craig O. West and Steven M. Cyr.

Region 5: Janet Lee Hoffman, Thomas M Christ, Jeffrey P. Foote, Michael A. Greene, Albert Menashe, S. Ward Greene, M. Christie Helmer, Daniel H. Skerritt, Monica A. Smith, C. Marie Eckert, Christopher A. Larsen and Bob Thuemmel.

Region 6: Diane L. Gruber, Chess Trethewy, Marc Abrams and Catherine P. Coburn.

Out of State: Christopher B. Rounds and John R. Bachofner.

Marilyn J. Harbur was elected as a delegate from Oregon to the ABA House of Delegates.

Save the date for Seaside
Save the date for the 2003 Oregon State Bar Annual Meeting, September 18-20 in Seaside for a brand new annual meeting. Plans call for high quality education and more networking opportunities, all in a shorter period of time.

Section CLE programs will be Thursday afternoon, followed by a 'Blues on the Beach' event in the evening. Friday’s focus will be on two educational tracks, Litigation and Legislation, including a keynote address by Gov. Ted Kulongoski in the afternoon.

A President’s Awards Dinner will take place on Friday evening, followed by a variety show fundraising event to benefit the Oregon Law Foundation. The meeting will conclude on Saturday with the House of Delegates meeting.

Events will take place at the Seaside Civic & Convention Center and Best Western Oceanview Resort. Look for updates in future issues of the Bar News and on the bar’s website at www.osbar.org.

Board addresses discipline topics
The OSB Board of Governors met April 4-5. A full account of the meeting can be read online at www.osbar.org (click on OSB Center and go to Bar Leader Communicator). Among the topics discussed or acted upon were:

  • Professional Liability Fund, exemption for patent lawyers.
  • Financial controls for OSB accounting department.
  • PERS employer rates and OSB staff salaries.
  • A summary of the OSB disciplinary process.
  • Disciplinary System Task Force (three alternatives for three House of Delegates proposed changes to the disciplinary system).
  • Work session on program measures 2002 evaluation.
  • The status and future of OSB affirmative action efforts.
  • The competitiveness and profitability of OSB CLE publications and seminars.
  • Communication efforts to promote the image of the lawyers.

Oregon legal community goes back to high school
Thirty speakers and 15 law firms have banded together to offer a free morning lecture series in constitutional studies to Portland high school students this spring.

The series will be held at Lincoln High School between May 5 and June 5, during the school’s 'zero period' (7:15-8:15 a.m.).

The classes are open to Portland high school students who either have taken or are interested in taking a course on the U.S. Constitution. It is offered free of charge to students and to the public.

The series was originally planned to replace classroom days canceled because of budget cuts. The schedule was revised once school days were restored.

The lecture speakers include lawyers, judges, authors and legal educators.

The participating law firms are Ater Wynne, Ball Janik, Bullivant Houser, Davis Wright, Dunn Carney, Lane Powell, Lindsay Hart, Markowitz Herbold, Meyer & Wyse, Miller Nash, Perkins Coie, Preston Gates, Schwabe Williamson, Stoel Rives and Tonkon Torp. Great Harvest Bread company will provide bakery items.

Students interested in attending should register by contacting Jill Gomery, Lincoln High School, (503) 916-5200 or jgomery@pps.k12.or.us.

Lawyers thanked for contributions to 2002 food bank fund drive
Oregon Lawyers Against Hunger thanks members of the Oregon legal community who contributed to its 2002 fundraising drive to benefit the Oregon Food Bank. Last year’s annual fundraising effort raised more than $100,000 for the Oregon Food Bank.

OLAH particularly thanks contributors who are members of the 'Thousand Pound Club.' The people and law firms listed below gave $167 or more to the 2002 drive.

Steven Alexander, Nelson and Susan Atkin, Craig Bachman, Gary and Lois Barnum, James and Mary Jo Bartels, Jeffrey Batchelor, John and Gloria Bennett, Steven Berman, Joyce Bernheim & John Ashworth, Ruth Beyer, David Bledsoe & Christine Pallier, Mark Bocci, Ernest and Ilo Bonyhadi, David and Nancy Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Cable, Carmen Calzacorta, Bruce and Alison Campbell, David Canary, Lisa Carlson & David Baca, Jeanne and Kenneth Chamberlain, Kenneth P. Childs, Nicole Ciccarello, Christopher and Renee Cline, Sallie and Johathan Cohen, Leah Cronn, Diane Dailey, Kathleen Dent, Raymond Dippert, Karen Donohue, Michael and Cheryl Dotten, William Earle, Jeffrey Edelson, Mr. and Mrs. Ernst, Elizabeth and Jon Estes, James and Betty Fell, James Finn & Alanna Bove, Maggie Finnerty, Valerie Fisher, Michelle and James Fitzhenry, George Fogg & Donna Fogg, Mary and David Frantz, Teresa and Howard Fuhrman, Michael Gadd, Morris Galen, Amanda Gamblin & John S. Morgan, Kellie Gilbert, Peter Glade, Susan Glen, Ronald and Christine Gould, Phillip Grillo, Ronald and Jo Ellen Grossmann, Karin Guenther, Bruce and Maureen Hamlin, Douglas and Tanya Harding, Chris Hardy, Steven and Marypat Hedberg, Cynda Herbold, PJ Herdman, Christine Herrick, Sharon and Henry Hewitt, James and Janet Hibbard, Carol and James Hibbs, Stephen and Sharon Hill, Natalie and Brett Hocken, Janet Lee Hoffman, Jennifer Holcomb, Lewis and Lisa Horowitz, David Hosenpud, Charles Hudson, Frank Hunsaker, Pamela Jacklin, Susheela Jayapal & Bradley Miller, Harlan and Carol Jones, Joshua Kadish & Elizabeth Maas, Lisa Kaner, Emily Karr, Catherine Keenan, Scott and Michelle Kerin, Robert and Denise Koury, Suzanne Lacampagne, Steve Larson, Bradley and Ann Lechman-Su, Deborah Lee, Jennifer Lefere & Richard Cuthbert, James and Joan Leigh, Matt Levin, Rodney Lewis, Charles and Marianne Lewis, Dennis and Sandra Leybold, Sabrina and Darien Loiselle, Steven Lovett & Constance Sullivan, Robert Lowry, David Ludwig, Robert Maloney, George and Tara Mardikes, Susan Marmaduke, Stanley and Betty-Jo Martinson, Jeffrey and Sally Matthews, John Mc Grory Jr. & Leslie Root, James McDermott, Brendan and Mary McDonnell, Peter and Jennifer McKittrick William Mehlhaf, Jane Scates and Mark Meininger, Laura and Erich Merrill, Paul Migchelbrink, Paulette and Jon Monsen, Lynn Montgomery & Shaun Wardinsky, M.M. and Steven Morasch, Gregory and Rebecca Mowe, David and Anne Munro, Emily Nazarov, Robert and Mary Neuberger, Michele Newmann, John Neupert, Robert and Melinda Newell, Jon and Gretchen Nickel, Darcy Norville & Ira Zarov, Ingolf and Margaret Noto, Lee Nusich, Carol and Patrick O’Connell, Mark O’Donnell, Shawn O’Neil, Jack and Erika Orchard, John Osburn & Kathryn Koepke, John Ostrander, Turid Owren, Terrence and Diane Pancoast, David and Karen Petersen, Milo and Marilyn Petranovich, Holly Pettit, Sara Pomerening, David G. Post, Bryan Powell & Janice Weis, Jeanne Preston, Helen and Charles Pruitt, Donald Pyle, Barbara and Robert Radler, Simeon and Randi Rapoport, David and Linly Rees, Charese Rohny, Renee Rothauge & Matthew Palmer, Sarah Ryan & Douglas Larson, Thomas Sand, Jaime and Stephen Sanders, Gail Sanders, Peter and Penny Serrurier, Catherine Shaw & Erik Kvarsten, Ann Sherman, Beth Skillern, Ingrid Slezak, V.L. Smith, Daniel Snyder, Lynn and James Stevens, Renee Stineman & Robert Schulhof, Deirdre Stone, Gregory and Martha Struxness, Cindy Sutliff, Rebecca and Michael Tom, Heather and Brandon Tourville, Kristin Udvari, Philip Van Der Weele & Joan Snyder, Michael Van Eckhardt, Margaret Van Valkenburg, Daniel Vidas, Joan and Timothy Volpert, Mark Wada, Susan Watts & Greg Anderson, Joel Wilson, Jeffrey Wolfstone, Melissa and Ty Wyman, Bullivant, Houser & Bailey, Lane Powell Spears Lubersky LLP, Yates, Matthews & Associates, P.C., Black Helterline LLP, Bank Of The Northwest, Foster Pepper & Shefelman PLLC, Standard Insurance Company, Schulte, Anderson, Downes, Aronston & Bittner, P.C., Heller Ehrman, Ater Wynne LLP, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, Stoll, Stoll, Berne, Lokting & Shlachter, P.C., Farleigh, Wada & Witt, P.C., Graff & O’Neil, Larkins Vacura LLP.

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Spotlight on disciplinary board: Dwayne R. Murray

Why did you volunteer to serve on the Disciplinary Board? The Oregon Supreme Court from a list submitted by the bar appoints all disciplinary Board members. However the reason I volunteered is that I have always considered it an honor to serve in such an important job.

What should someone volunteering for the Board know? For a limited period this job requires a fair commitment of time and energy. The scheduling and hearing of trials takes time, it can be inconvenient. The chair of a panel normally writes the opinion. The opinion must be written so that the author will be proud of the work if it is reviewed by the Oregon Supreme Court. Many times it is.

Was it what you expected? Yes, because I have served on other committees in the past and on the LPRC. The process and the various components were familiar to me.

Why does it make a difference to serve? I have to fall back on an old saw. I think we all have a social responsibility. I think all of us, in some form or another, need to contribute in order to make ourselves whole.

What issue would you like to see addressed? I don’t have any real burning issues that are new or different. I would like to find a way to attract more volunteers to all of our bar committees. When we don’t have enough volunteers the system does not work nearly as well as it could. With more people the job is easier for all.


Summer associate program
The Oregon District Court Historical Society and Federal Bar Association continues its summer associate program on June 18, noon-4 p.m. It includes a lunch and panel discussion with the federal judges, a presentation by the clerk’s office regarding courtroom technology and filing procedures, courthouse and chambers tours and observation of an afternoon docket proceeding.

Cost is $50 per person, payable to the FBA. Checks may be sent to Seth Row, Bullivant Houser Bailey, 888 S.W. 5th, Suite 300, Portland, Ore. 97204. Special rates for government clerks are available. Queries may be directed to kelly.zusman@ord.

OLMA elects officers, board
The Oregon Legal Management Association, a chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators, announces its new officers and board:
Kathi Rutten of Tonkon Torp, president; Steve Sequin of Sussman Shank, president-elect; Sue Petersen of Marger Johnson & McCollom, secretary; Marie Porter of Bullivant Houser Bailey, treasurer.

Directors are: Bev Davis, education; Claudia Horner, marketing; Jill King, membership; Stephanie Wetjen, newsletter; Brenna Green, resource services; Cassie Martin, sponsorship; Linda Lehmann, webmaster.

John Cummens, immediate past president, will serve on the board as a member at large.

National Drug Court Month
In honor of 'National Drug Court Month,' the Multnomah County S.T.O.P. (Sanction-Treatment-Opportunity-Progress) Drug Court held a special graduation ceremony April 23 at the Multnomah County Courthouse. Featured keynote speakers were the Hon. Harl Haas, founder of the S.T.O.P. program, and John Swan, InAct, Inc. board member and alumnus.

InAct has partnered with the Multnomah County Circuit Court since 1992 to provide immediate access to treatment and ease an overburdened trial docket involving drug-related cases. The Multnomah County Drug Court was the third drug court in the country and has gained national notoriety since its inception., with 2,347 graduates in recovery.

NALS of Oregon
NALS of Oregon, the association for legal professionals, will be hosting a 'Super Saturday CLE' on Saturday, May 17 at The University Club, 1220 S.W. Sixth Ave., in Portland. It is cosponsored by the Seattle chapter, and hosted by Naegeli Reporting Services.

Registration will begin at 8:30 a.m. Concurrent seminars will run from 9 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. and begin again at 1:15 p.m. and run until 5 p.m. The seminars will be 'Inside Track for Beginning Legal Secretaries' and 'Ethics' to be ran concurrent with 'Reciprocity,' 'Depositions,' and 'What is Business Casual.'

Break refreshments will be provided by Naegeli Reporting Services. Lunch is not included in the cost of registration. Cost of registration is $115 for members and $135 for non members.

For more information contact Gayle Allen, (503) 620-4540 or (503) 620-2023 or by e-mail at gla@scott-hookland.com. The registration form is also available at www.nalsor.org.