Oregon State Bar Bulletin — DECEMBER 2003

Parting Thoughts
Pearls of Wisdom
By The OSB Class of 1953

Every year, the bar honors its members who have reached 50 years of membership. On Oct. 24, these members were honored at a special luncheon at the Oswego Lake Country Club in Lake Oswego. We asked the members of Class of 1953 what advice they would like to pass along to today’s new lawyers. Here is some of what they had to say:


'The practice of law is an honored profession. Look like a lawyer, act like a lawyer, and do good work.'
Arthur R. Barrows

'Don’t apologize for the fact that you are an attorney!'
Peter R. Blyth

'Honesty, loyalty and discipline are personality traits required to have quality of life.'
Donald A. Buss

'You are less apt to suffer burn-out if you avoid one-dimensionalism.'
William Duhaime

'Know the rules of golf and law – then follow them to the letter.'
Roy Edwards

'Be honest and civil in ALL of your professional relationships.'
Robert Huntington

'It takes a lifetime of professional behavior to build a reputation, which you can lose in a minute if you misbehave.'
Robert E. Jones

'If you feel you are contributing a service and enjoy the challenge of your job, keep going! (Also, MAX transportation is great if you work near its line.)'
Marilyn E. Peake MacGavin

'Go back to the courtesy and collegiality of the bar as it was in 1953 with 2000 members. The practice of law would be far more satisfying and pleasant!'
Paul Meyer

'Adversaries can and will be your friends if treated honestly and considerately.'
Don Marmaduke

'Do not spend an anticipated fee until it is received.'
James Maletis

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