Oregon State Bar Bulletin - APRIL 2003


Law as a Healing Profession
New trends are expanding choices in law practice
By Kim Wright & Dolly M. Garlo

Déjà Vu, All Over Again
Revisiting past controversies
By Jeff Bleich & Pratik Shah

Profiles in the Law
Cheryl Faas and Aysia Wright:
Finding the Balance

By Melody Finnemore


Letters to the Editor


OSB Continuing Legal Education

Bar Counsel
CSF Update 2002:
The annual report of the OSB Client Security Fund

By Sylvia E. Stevens

Legal Practice Tips
The Right Cite:
Why in the world are you still
using Shepard’s in print?

By Patrick Charles

Managing Your Practice
Risks & Rewards:
Resisting the inclination to
abdicate to technology

By Emily Eichenhorn


Bar News

Among Ourselves


In Memoriam


Parting Thoughts
Different, but Dignified
By Charles French

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Most legal disputes never make it to trial and are resolved earlier and earlier. J. Kim Wright and Dolly M. Garlo examine a trend of the last few years:
an evolution of new approaches to
practicing law.