The Oregon State Bar Bulletin - May 2002


Settle Now, Pay Later
A caution about personal injury loans
By Richard H. Braun

Touch Up for an Aging Beauty
The State of Oregon Law Library is readied for the 21st century
By Cliff Collins

Profiles in the Law
Alan Graf: Voice from the Edge
By Linda Campillo


Letters to the Editor


OSB CLE Programs

OSB CLE Publications

Bar Counsel
Discipline Task Force: What is it? What has it been doing? What will happen to its report?
By George A. Riemer

Law & Life
Minding Milosevic: Early messages from The Hague
By Judith Armatta

Oregon Legal Heritage
Bridge to the Future: Honoring the civil rights movement
By Mary Oberst
& Elise Gautier


Bar News

Among Ourselves


In Memoriam


Parting Thoughts
A Just Punishment
By Josh Marquis

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The lawyer who assists a client in a legal funding transaction risks substantial exposure to subsequent ethical and malpractice problems. Rick Braun examines the phenomenon and offers some words to the wise