The Oregon State Bar Bulletin - February/March 2002


A Natural Tension
Judicial independence and political accountability under the Oregon Constitution
By Edward H. Trompke

Extreme Lawyering
Arguing before the Supreme Court
By Jeff Bleich

Blessed are the Peacemakers
Remembering Kosovo
By Stephen H. Carpenter Jr.

Profiles in the Law
W. Eugene Hallman: On the 'Dry Side'
By Cliff Collins


Letters to the Editor


OSB CLE Programs

OSB CLE Publications

Other Events

Bar Counsel
Tri-state Practice: Charting a course for ethical practice under the new reciprocity admission rule
By George A. Riemer

Law & Life
Welcome, Strange: Pro bono before the INS
By Kevin Myles

Billing: Our profession's not so hidden shame
By Alan G. Greer


Bar News

Among Ourselves

Lawyer Announcements


In Memoriam


Parting Thoughts
Lawyers and Apple Pie
By Tom Elden

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Judicial accountability is not an evil, and can free judges of any perception of unfairness when difficult decisions must be made. OSB member Ed Trompke explores judicial independence and political accountability in Oregon.