The Oregon State Bar Bulletin - JULY 2002


Quest for the 'Qualified' Minority
Is it an exercise in self-defeat?
By Sandra S. Yamate

E-mail and Horror
The critical need for e-mail redundancy
By Thad M. Guyer

Profiles in the Law
Oregon Women Lawyers Dragon
Boat Team: Paddling Together

By Linda Campillo

The Changing Face of the Bar
2002 Annual Meeting


Letters to the Editor


OSB CLE Programs

OSB CLE Publications

Bar Counsel
Ethics, Post 9/11: Federal anti-terrorism regulations raise ethics issues for lawyers
By Sylvia E. Stevens

Managing Your Practice
Managing Your Time:
Five ways to be more efficient at work

By Peter Balsino & Robin Baade

Oregon Legal Heritage
Into the Sunshine:
The controversial Binger Hermann

By Vi Lewis


Bar News

Among Ourselves


In Memoriam


Parting Thoughts
Time for a Reality Check
By Diane L. Abraham

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Once employers drop the 'qualified' label applied to candidates of color and begin to evaluate prospective candidates open-mindedly, they often discover a more realistic chance at achieving diversity. Sandra Yamate explores whether the quest for the 'qualified' minority is really an exercise in self-defeat