Oregon State Bar Bulletin — AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2002



Friday, Sept. 6, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.
7 MCLE credits and .5 ethics credit

Driving under the influence of intoxicants is a serious social and legal problem. Whether you are a business attorney asked to provide legal advice for a client charged with a DUII or an experienced criminal attorney, this seminar will provide the necessary information to understand and protect client rights. Topics include the DMV hearings process, DUII appellate update, the science of drugs and alcohol, witness interview and preparation, new statutes and the intricacies of drug and alcohol testing.

Ash (9/27) Ast (9/27) CB (9/20) Eug (9/27) GP (9/19) HR (9/20) Klam (9/20) LG (9/20) LO (9/28) New (9/27) Pend (9/27) Red (9/27) Rose (9/19) Salem (9/20) Vale (9/20)


Friday, Sept.13, 9 a.m.-noon
3 ethics credits

This seminar explores the need for lawyers to clearly communicate and identify objectives with clients — for the good of both parties. The program includes a review of current national and Oregon state claims trends, a discussion of emerging issues such as claims of breach of fiduciary duty and consideration of unresolved issues resulting from Gatti.

Ash (10/11) Ast (10/11) CB (10/04) Eug (10/11) GP (10/03) HR (10/04) Klam (10/04) LG (10/04) LO (10/12) New (10/11) Pend (10/11) Red (10/11) Rose (10/03) Salem (10/04) Vale (10/04)


Friday, Sept. 13,
1:15 p.m.-4:15 p.m.
3 ethics credits

In addition to demystifying the discipline process, this seminar provides a review of common ethics issues facing Oregon lawyers and a preview of recommendations for change to the process the legal profession uses to regulate itself. Highlights include: how the discipline system works; responding to an ethics complaint; review of common ethics problems and a Disciplinary System Task Force update.

Ash (10/11) Ast (10/11) CB (10/04) Eug (10/11) GP (10/03) HR (10/04) Klam (10/04) LG (10/04) LO (10/12) New (10/11) Pend (10/11) Red (10/11) Rose (10/03) Salem (10/04) Vale (10/04)


Thursday, Sept. 19, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
5.5 MCLE credits or practical skills credits and 1.5 ethics credits

Precise. Vivid. Memorable. Convincing. These describe the briefs you can craft when applying Gary Kinder’s outstanding writing and editing techniques. His 21-minute method for creating a first draft, and the editing and writing strategies he recommends to make it convincing, are tactics you can use now to help you get the judge to say 'yes.'

Ash (10/18) Ast (10/18) CB (10/11) Eug (10/18) GP (10/10) HR (10/11) Klam (10/11) LG (10/11) LO (10/19) New (10/18) Pend (10/18) Red (10/18) Rose (10/10) Salem (10/11) Vale (10/11)


Friday, Sept. 20,
8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
6.25 MCLE credits plus .5 MCLE credit for optional lunch presentation

Whether you decry or applaud the effect of Supreme Court rulings, you can’t minimize their impact on the cases lawyers handle, the arguments lawyers fashion, and the rulings made by judges. This seminar, co-sponsored by the OSB Constitutional Law Section, brings together an outstanding constitutional law faculty to review important civil and criminal cases from the current Supreme Court term. Highlights include: wrap up of the Supreme Court 2001-02 term, discussion of the viability of the original Oregon Constitution and hot issues in the circuits.

Ash (10/25) Ast (10/25) CB (10/18) Eug (10/25) GP (10/17) HR (10/18) Klam (10/18) LG (10/18) LO (10/26) New (10/25) Pend (10/25) Red (10/25) Rose (10/17) Salem (10/18) Vale (10/18)


Friday, Sept. 27, 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m.
5.25 MCLE credits plus 1 diversity credit
for optional lunch presentation

At this seminar you’ll have the opportunity to hear national and local labor and employment experts report on current issues to increase your understanding of important employment law topics. The seminar starts with a report on current issues and priorities before the National Labor Relations Board, presented by NLRB Chair Peter J. Hurtgen. A distinguished group of local experts will explore topics ranging from labor relations in nonunion workplaces and unemployment law to arbitration strategies.

Ash (11/1) Ast (11/1) CB (10/25) Eug (11/1) GP (10/24) HR (10/25) Klam (10/25) LG (10/25) LO (11/2) New (11/1) Pend (11/1) Red (11/1) Rose (10/24) Salem (10/25) Vale (10/25)


Friday, Sept. 27,
8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. and
Saturday, Sept. 28, 9 a.m.-noon

Co-sponsored by the Taxation Section, this annual institute is designed for both the serious tax professional and experienced business attorney. Highlights include four plenary sessions featuring national tax authorities and the Hon. David Laro, U.S. Tax Court. Four workshops will explore Northwest tax issues, drafting buy/sell agreements for S-Corporations and more. After Friday’s session, there will be a reception at the Pittock Mansion.



Oct. 4 OSB Annual Meeting
Oct. 9 Child Abuse Reporting/Conflicts of Interest: The Basics
Oct. 11 Oregon Elder Law 2002: The Face of the Future
Oct. 17 Computer Law: The IP Conundrum of Innovation and Exploitation in the Digital Age
Oct. 18 Fundamentals of Bankruptcy
Oct. 24 Civil Rights: … and Access for All
Oct. 25 Fundamentals of Land Use Planning
Oct. 31 Advanced Nonprofit Law: Beyond the Basics
Nov. 1 Doing Business in Indian Country
Nov. 8 The Mystery of the Virtuous Lawyer
Nov. 8 Conflicted! Ethics and Organization Counsel
Nov. 15 Appellate Practice in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals
Nov. 21 Environmental Law Aspects of Real Estate and Business Transactions
Nov. 22 Document Retention
Nov. 22 Government Law: Four Hot Topics
Dec. 5 Planning the Basic Estate
Dec. 12 Impeach Justice Douglas
Dec. 12 Word of Mouth – A Workshop in the Art & Ethics of Communication
Dec. 16-21Super CLE Video Week
Dec. 30-31 Last Chance Video

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