Oregon State Bar Bulletin — APRIL 2002


How to Achieve Accuracy and Efficiency Using Legal Assistants
Friday, April 12, 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
DoubleTree Lloyd Center, Portland
5.5 MCLE credits or 5.5 practical skills credits and .75 ethics credit

Real estate attorneys and legal assistants will explain and discuss the basic components of real estate due diligence that should be scrutinized in every transaction. Discover the best ways to utilize the power of a legal assistant's knowledge to achieve efficient and accurate due diligence results. Learn to identify and address estate planning conundrums, zoning pitfalls and environmental concerns. Also, find out how dealing with unrepresented parties can turn into an ethical hornet's nest for attorneys.
Ash (5/10); Ast (5/10); CB (5/3); Eug (5/10); GP (5/2); HR (5/3); Klam (5/3); LG (5/3); LO (5/11); New (5/10); Pend (5/10); Red (5/10); Rose (5/2); Salem (5/3); Vale (5/3)

Thursday, April 18, 9 a.m.-4:15 p.m.
Oregon Convention Center
6.25 MCLE credits or 6.25 practical skills credits

The new millenium brings with it new tools and new challenges for the trial lawyer. The attorney, the witness, even the judge may appear in the courtroom via television or video tape. From the Microsoft case to the presidential debates, it has become clear that 'how you say it' can - and will - be used against you. Most cases still come down to the effectiveness of the argument. How the jurors perceive the 'virtual argument' is affected by entirely different criteria than a 'live argument.' Some litigators are mastering the new technology available to them, but it is not enough to learn how to use this new technology to present evidence to a jury. A poor deposition caught on video, or a poor appearance via closed-circuit can cause a good case to look bad. This course is designed to help attorneys make a dynamic and effective presentation to the triers of fact, both in the live and the 'virtual' courtroom.
Ash (5/17); Ast (5/17); CB (5/10); Eug (5/17); GP (5/9); HR (5/10); Klam (5/10); LG (5/10); LO (5/18); New (5/17); Pend (5/17); Red (5/17); Rose (5/9); Salem (5/10); Vale (5/10)

Friday, April 26, 9 a.m.-5:15 p.m. and Saturday, April 27,
8:30 a.m.-12:15 p.m.
Benson Hotel, Portland
9.5 MCLE credits and 1 ethics credit, Oregon and Washington

The Pacific Northwest's premier bankruptcy seminar brings together judges, attorneys and law professors from across the country to provide practitioners the most recent information on bankruptcy issues. Topics include: supplemental jurisdiction; taxes; a consumer law case update; a bankruptcy law case update and ethical quandaries in bankruptcy. Special room rates are available at the Benson Hotel for reservations made by March 26, 2002. Call the Benson Hotel toll-free at (888-523-6766) and ask for in-house reservations.

Friday, May 3, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
DoubleTree Lloyd Center, Portland
7 MCLE or practical skills credits

Some people can be hard to work with - attorneys on the other side of a matter, clients, witnesses, opposing parties, senior partners, judges or your own colleagues and staff. People working in the law are challenged by difficult behaviors more often than we want to admit. When communications break down, the chance of getting favorable results goes down and stress goes up. It is rare that one seminar can help with job and life satisfaction for the rest of your life, but this one can. A day with Simon D'Arcy, an acclaimed national presenter in mastering proven strategies, will increase your likelihood of getting the results you want with difficult people - and with far less stress.
Ash 7/19; Ast 7/19; CB 7/12; Eug 7/19; GP 7/11; HR 7/12; Klam 7/12; LG 7/12; LO 7/20; New 7/19; Pend 7/19; Red 7/19; Rose 7/11; Salem 7/12; Vale 7/12

Creatures Large and Small
Friday, May 10, 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Oregon Convention Center
6 MCLE credits

Gain an understanding of legal issues and topics affecting four-footed and hooved animals from hounds to horses. Learn about the animal control process, from aggressive behaviors to the complaint/citation process. A legislative update will cover the latest in pet trusts and new anti-cruelty laws. Animal valuation and damages will be discussed, as well as cruelty laws and farm animals. Discover the unique characteristics of representing animal rights protestors, and examine the legal aspects involved in a veterinary practice, including malpractice, standards of care and mandatory reporting of animal abuse.
Ash (6/7); Ast (6/7); CB (5/31); Eug (6/7); GP (5/30); HR (5/31); Klam (5/31); LG (5/31); LO (6/8); New (6/7); Pend (6/7); Red (6/7); Rose (5/30); Salem (5/31); Vale (5/31)

Friday, May 17, 9 a.m.-4:45 p.m.
DoubleTree Lloyd Center, Portland
6.5 MCLE credits

Are you effectively communicating economic damages to the jury? This advanced level seminar will teach the skills of effectively preparing expert witnesses for trial and the principles of presenting evidence so that it is intuitive to judges and juries. Explore the principles of effective communications, including electronic courtroom presentations and a host of other practical techniques for use in damage cases. In addition, gain a practical understanding of current legal and economic damage issues and concepts to maximize effectiveness at trial.
Ash (6/14); Ast (6/14); CB (6/7); Eug (6/14); GP (6/6); HR (6/7); Klam (6/7); LG (6/7); LO (6/15); New (6/14); Pend (6/14); Red (6/14); Rose (6/6); Salem (6/7); Vale (6/7)

Friday, May 31, 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Oregon Convention Center
5.25 MCLE credits and 1 ethics credit

An uncertain economy can result in troubled times for businesses both large and small. Advising business clients can become increasingly difficult, but skilled practitioners at this seminar will provide the knowledge necessary to navigate a course through rough waters. Learn creative and traditional methods that can help the troubled business client such as: understanding creditors and forceful negotiation techniques; creation and enforcement of state and federal tax liens; tax workouts; how to deal with employee terminations and lay-offs; the sale of assets outside of bankruptcy; steering clear of Bankruptcy Code pitfalls; and using receivers to avoid bankruptcy.
Ash 6/21; Ast 6/21; CB 6/14, Eug 6/21; GP 6/13; HR 6/14; Klam 6/14; LG 6/14; LO 6/22; New 6/21; Pend 6/21; Red 6/21; Rose 6/13; Salem 6/14; Vale 6/14

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With more than 100 useful forms, this 2-volume, 23-chapter book is essential for Oregon lawyers who deal with any aspect of family law practice. It analyzes the basic cases, statutes and rules, and provides the necessary information to practice efficiently and effectively. Includes a spousal support table, organized by duration of the marriage, which details 15 years of significant cases and the courts' awards and reasoning. Learn about spousal support, child support, child custody and parenting time, visitation, domestic violence, enforcement, modification, discovery, property division, tax aspects, family law procedure, adoption, health insurance issues in divorce, paternity, unmarried couples, appeal, mediation and much more.
The 2002 revision is available in print with binders and forms on disk, or on CD-ROM (forms included) for $175.

Oregon Uniform Civil Jury Instructions has 10 new instructions and 9 amended instructions, including instructions on statute of limitations defenses, negligence per se, trade secrets, employment relations, wrongful discharge and more. Oregon Uniform Criminal Jury Instructions has 7 new instructions and 12 amended instructions including instructions on rape and sodomy, theft, weapons and more.
Supplements include forms on disk and are available in print or on CD-ROM for $55; complete books with past supplements are available in print or on CD-ROM for $140. (Note: You must already own the entire book on CD-ROM in order to purchase the supplement.) +
Order online by visiting our website at www.osbar.org or call the OSB Order Desk at (503) 684-7413, or toll-free in Oregon (800) 452-8260, ext. 413.

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