Oregon State Bar Bulletin — APRIL 2002


Many law firms have been reluctant to switch from WordPerfect to Word, because Word lacks the reveal codes function they've depended upon. Ordinarily, Word reveals no more than the formatting at any one point. However, a software product called CrossEyes actually shows all the codes in a Word document in a single view, so that you can always see exactly what is going on with the document's formatting. Format codes are displayed in different colors right below your document window; one click in the window and you can edit the properties. To see reviews, preview a version of CrossEyes, and download of 15-day evaluation copy, visit www.levitjames.com/ crosseyes/crosseyes3.htm.

Now there is unlimited free access to all documents filed with the Bankruptcy Court in connection with the Enron Chapter 11 cases. See www.elaw4enron.com. In addition to the numerous creditors and approximately 500 law firms involved in the Chapter 11 cases, apparently more than 25,000 current and former Enron employees are watching these proceedings online. Anyone interested can join them. More than 10,000 individual documents are expected to be generated in the case. Stakeholders, especially employees, can view or download exact copies of the digital court filings and keep apprised of docket developments and hearing dates. Elaw's site has made the mountain of documents in the largest bankruptcy filing in history manageable and available to anyone interested.

Occasional Bulletin contributor Judith Armatta is now working in The Hague, and at the time of this writing is covering the Milosevic trial for the Coalition for International Justice. Her interesting articles can be found on the coalition's website at www.cij.org.

Rather than throwing your old wireless phone away, consider Donate a Phone. The collection is designed to provide domestic violence victims and organizations with a powerful tool in the fight against domestic violence, a wireless phone.

The Wireless Foundation, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Motorola have worked together since 1996 to provide free phones to domestic violence victims. Free emergency airtime is donated by participating wireless service providers. There's a long list of places in Oregon and Vancouver, Wash. to donate a phone; consult the list at www. wirelessfoundation.org/ 12give/where.cfm.

Donations and related shipping charges are tax deductible. Another way in to the information is through www. donateaphone.com; then follow the links to the pertinent information. Discontinue your old wireless phone service before giving the phone away, of course.

Recently in Beaverton Municipal Court, Judge Peter Ackerman took a guilty plea from someone charged with theft II. The defendant had stolen some diapers. The judge writes, 'At sentencing, I asked what his problem was, since he was fully employed. His answer: 'The problem is that my kid needs to get potty trained.' ' (Parenting classes were soon on his to-do list, among other things.)

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Law Library Open House is May 22

The Oregon Supreme Court Library, which became the State of Oregon Law Library by act of the 2001 legislature, has a new look. The venerable library's interior was recently renovated to allow use of new technologies, while preserving the historical ambience of the 1914 Supreme Court Building.
To celebrate these transitions, Oregon lawyers are invited to an open house at the library May 22, 1 to 5 p.m. Chief Justice Wallace P. Carson Jr. will dedicate the newly enhanced library at 3 p.m. Books withdrawn from the library collection will be available for sale.