The Oregon State Bar Bulletin

November 2001


The Unfinished Revolution
Interpreting the Oregon Constitution
By Jack L. Landau

When War Comes to the Court
The true limits of our freedoms may soon be revealed
By Jeff Bleich, Kelly Klaus and Deborah Pearlstein

Profiles in the Law
Vernon Gleaves: 'Who We Aspire to Be'
By Cliff Collins


Letters to the Editor


Bar Counsel
MJP Update: A survey of recent developments in multijurisdictional practice
By George A. Riemer

Managing Your Practice
Knowing the Boundaries: Court reporters and the law
By Roy Pulvers

Law & Life
Plugged In: Care of the legal soul in an electronic age
By Margaret Fine


Among Ourselves


Lawyer Announcements

In Memoriam


Parting Thoughts
A Remedy for Gatti
By Jesse Wm. Barton


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