The Oregon State Bar Bulletin

May 2001


Privacy in the Balance
Do scientific advances render our traditional notions of privacy obsolete?
By Kenneth Lerner

Titanic Lessons
Toward a new perspective on legal ethics
By Thomas D. Morgan

Profiles in the Law
Thomas Matsuda: Dedicated to the Cause
By Cliff Collins


Letters to the Editor


Bar Counsel
A New Requirement: MCLE Rule 3.3, and what it means to you
By Sylvia Stevens

Managing Your Practice
What? Me Worry? Finding the right case management software
By Dee Crocker

Oregon Legal Heritage
Who's the Sheriff? Oregon's contest of a recount
By Jerry Banks

Legal Practice Tips
Arbitration Accidents: The 10 biggest mistakes lawyers make in arbitration
By Richard G. Spier


Among Ourselves


Lawyer Announcements


Parting Thoughts
Aspiring to be a Lawyer-Mensch
By Peter R. Jarvis


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