FindLaw is purportedly the most highly trafficked legal website. Visit www. and find an impressive array of employment and other legal resources.

The site has recently added a nationwide collection of legal employment classified ads to its career center. You will find a link to the classifieds from the FindLaw homepage. The site has many resources for prospective applicants, but a quick search for 'any attorney position' in Oregon produced zero listings (on May 16).

Of course, we highly recommend the OSB Bulletin classifieds for local positions for local applicants. Find our complete classified ads, with jobs, office space and more to browse. For earlier classifieds, click on the archives link to find all listings as far back as June 2000.


A session of the Oregon Supreme Court held May 9 at Portland's Jefferson High School was broadcast on the new website, Oregon Public Affairs Network, www.opan. org. The three cases heard by the court were also heard (and seen) by the public on Portland Cable Access and Multnomah Community TV.

Checking out OPAN's website, one also finds live coverage of the day's legislative sessions (click on 'current video stream'). As for the court, OPAN's website notes: 'Coming soon: Supreme Court hearings.'


Reqwired, Inc., 'the Home Page of Continuing Education,' offers a free CLE tracking service to attorneys licensed to practice in Oregon, among other places.

The service is designed to help lawyers subject to CLE requirements around the country keep up with changing rules and figure out where to get the credits they need. An attorney logs on to, answers a few simple registration and jurisdictional questions, and then for each jurisdiction a lawyer is registered in, the system creates a customized status report.

The status report informs the lawyer of CLE credit needs and deadlines. It also creates a customized course page containing specific courses listed in Reqwired's database that meet the attorney's particular CLE needs and preferences. Reqwired also e-mails its registered attorneys once a month with information concerning their CLE status and a customized list of opportunities. The service is free.


  • Impressive lineup of research tools and a whole lot more, in terms of services and products for lawyers.
  • Courtlink bills itself as the first and only company to provide an online platform for retrieving court records and filing legal documents. Access to local, state and federal court records is also provided.


The OSB will receive the 2001 Harrison Tweed Award for achievements in preserving and increasing access to legal services for the poor. The award will be presented during the ABA Annual Meeting Aug. 3 in Chicago by the ABA Standing Committee on Legal Aid and Indigent Defendants and the National Legal Aid and Defender Association.

The award was created in 1956 'to recognize the extraordinary achievements of state and local bar associations that develop or significantly expand projects or programs to increase access to civil legal services to poor persons or criminal defense services to indigents.'

The OSB sponsored the 1971 Legal Needs Study demonstrating the need for legal services in every part of Oregon and outlining the structure for legal aid statewide. Twenty-seven years later, the OSB commissioned a new legal needs study, unveiled at the Access to Justice Conference in 2000. Since then, the OSB has worked with the Campaign for Equal Justice and the state's network of legal aid providers to implement key provisions of the study. Noted efforts include: bar-sponsored open houses at legal aid offices statewide to highlight the work being done within each community to improve access to justice; the newly developed Legal Links website and public access television shows providing an array of information and resources; the installation of computer kiosks in legal aid offices around the state (allowing clients direct access to the Legal Links); and our legislative work to generate additional funds for legal aid.

Says the chair of the ABA Standing Committee, L. Jonathan Ross: 'The Oregon State Bar has a long history of providing invaluable leadership in the effort to expand and improve the delivery of legal services to low-income citizens in Oregon. At the outset of a new millennium, it is poised to expand on this admirable legacy.' +

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