The Oregon State Bar Bulletin

July 2001


The Clinton Court
A different kind of legacy
By Jeff Bleich, Kelly Klaus and Deborah Pearlstein

Going the Distance
Legal team to raise funds for medical research, one mile at a time
By Cliff Collins

To Tell the Truth
Why lawyers must change
By Nick Clifton

OSB Convention
Seize a New Day! Practice and Professionalism in the 21st Century

Profiles in the Law
Michael Gillette: Order on the Court
By Cliff Collins


Letters to the Editor


Bar Counsel
Blind Justice Awards (You may want to look the other way)
By Sylvia Stevens

Managing Your Practice
Conflict Avoidance: What you need to know about conflict of interest systems
By Beverly Michaelis

Legal Practice Tips
A First Recourse: Review of 'Proving Federal Crimes'
By James M. Peters


Among Ourselves


Lawyer Announcements


Parting Thoughts
Wrong on ABA
By Dianne K. Dailey


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