The Oregon State Bar Bulletin

September 2000


Salary Scramble
Demand for new associates and laterals is keeping many recruiters busy
By Cliff Collins

Ready for Prime Time
Group dynamics, dissent and intrigue: A look at the Supreme Court, 1999-2000
By Jeff Bleich & Kelly Klaus

Profiles in the Law
James J. Damis: Pernnial Lawyer
By Linda Campillo


Letters to the Editor


OSB CLE Programs

Bar Counsel
The 'Pushmi-Pullyu': Resolving third-party claims to client funds
By Sylvia Stevens

Managing Your Practice
Stay on Guard: Are you insured for computer virus damage?
By Leonard D. Duboff & Scott G. Garvey

Law & Life
Sacred Duty: Reflections on professionalism
By Ann K. Chapman

Oregon Legal Heritage
Lioness of the Law: Mary Leonard
By Gayle Shirley


Bar News

Among Ourselves

Lawyer Announcements



PLF Task Force Reports
Report to the OSB Membership


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