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USCIS continues to experience delays in processing times. This is due to (1) USCIS facilities being closed from March – June 2021, (2) budget cuts and furloughs, and (3) state/county Covid-19 limits on how many people can enter the facility.

While the current administration is working to decrease processing times, many facilities are extremely backlogged and are trying to “catch up” by processing thousands of applications each day.

Once an Adjustment of Status case has been filed, the family members status is “pending”. Family members may submit applications to renew their work permit (Form I-765) or travel permit (Form I-131) in Adjustment of Status cases where cases are still pending after the permit expiration dates. Generally, you should not file a renewal within 180 days of the initial work permit or travel permit expiring. For family Adjustment of Status cases, there is no renewal filing fee.

General processing times can be found at:
You will need to enter the type of case/form and the processing center. For some forms, there is a different processing center assigned for cases filed online vs. cases filed via first class mail.

With your receipt number, you can check the status of your case online at:

If you filed an application online, you may not receive automatic updates on your case, so you must check your account at least 2-3 times a month.

Legal Editor: Peter R. Tovey