Legislative Session Guidelines

The Public Affairs Committee is committed to advancing the bar’s mission to protect the public, improve the administration of justice, promote respect for the rule of law and increase access to justice. To that end, the Public Affairs Committee supports the following legislative goals:

  • Protect the public, the administration of justice and the rule of law.

  • Create meaningful access to justice and provide information about the law, legal issues, and the civil and criminal justice system.

  • Make Oregon laws more consistent and more uniform.

  • Improve the ability of attorneys to competently serve the interests of the citizens of the state.

  • Support a fair and effective criminal justice system.

  • Ensure efficient, competent and ethical delivery of legal services.

  • Promote the protection of privileged and confidential information while promoting access and education regarding public records.

  • Provide appropriate information and assistance regarding ethical issues to legislators, especially legally-trained legislators.

  • Improve the juvenile justice system and encourage better coordination between the different components of the system.

  • Foster diversity, equity and inclusion among legal service providers and in the justice system.