OSB Legislative Policy Guidelines

The Board of Governors has determined that the use of bar dues to participate in shaping legislation involving the regulation of the legal profession and matters concerning the improvement of the quality of legal services available to the people of Oregon is germane to the state bar's legitimate role and is in the public interest.

A. Oregon State Bar legislative or policy activities shall be limited to those reasonably related to any of the following subjects:

  1. Regulating and disciplining lawyers;

  2. Improving the functioning of the courts, including issues of judicial independence, fairness, efficacy and efficiency;

  3. Making legal services available to society;

  4. Regulating lawyer trust accounts;

  5. The education, ethics, competence, integrity and regulation of the legal profession;

  6. Providing law improvement assistance to elected and appointed government officials;

  7. Issues involving the structure and organization of federal, state and local courts in or affecting Oregon; issues involving the rules of practice, procedure and evidence in federal, state or local court in or affecting Oregon; or

  8. Issues involving the duties and functions of judges and lawyers in federal, state and local courts in or affecting Oregon.

B. The Bar will make every reasonable effort to inform members of legislative positions taken by it or its committees or sections and encourage as wide a participation as possible in formulating positions on legislative issues.

C. General Guidelines for Section/Committee Legislative Positions

If a bar group such as a section or committee decides to request to take a position on a proposal, the Public Affairs Committee of the board may:

  1. Adopt it as a state bar position. This activates full Public Affairs Committee support, including lobbying efforts.

  2. Designate it as a Section or Committee Position. This activates Public Affairs Committee monitoring and staff assistance to volunteers.

  3. Refuse to approve a section or committee position request.