Oregon Bench and Bar Commission on Professionalism – Committees

Hypothetical Use and Training Committee Note: This is a temporary committee established for 2018 to examine the use of hypotheticals for law student programs, and explore training options for facilitation of sensitive discussions. Parna Mehrbani, Chair Hon. John Acosta Jennifer Espinola Sandy Hansberger John Haroldson Steve Johansen Hon. Edwin Peterson Yvonne Tamayo (Survey Committee: Dormant in 2018)


Law School Outreach:
Joe Franco, Chair
Dom Campanella, Vice-Chair
Hon. John Acosta
Hon. Meagan Flynn
Scott Hunt
Steve Johansen, Past Chair
Hon. Mustafa Kasubhai
Hon. Douglas Tookey

Continuing Legal Education & Bar Outreach:
Steve Johansen, Chair
Stephen McCarthy, Vice-Chair
Hon. John Acosta
Hon. Meagan Flynn
Sandy Hansberger, Past Chair
Scott Hunt
Parna Mehrbani
Alycia Sykora
Lisa Umscheid

Edwin J. Peterson Professionalism Award: 
Carol Bernick, Chair
Marilyn Litzenberger, Vice-Chair
Hon. Eric Dahlin
Hon. Meagan Flynn
John Haroldson
Hon. Douglas Tookey
Lisa Umscheid

Nominating & Membership:
Sandy Hansberger, Chair
Parna Mehrbani, Vice-Chair
Joseph Franco
Hon. James Fun
Hon. Cindee Matyas

Professionalism Survey:
(Survey Committee: Dormant in 2018)

Stephen McCarthy, Chair
Hon. Jim Fun
Sandy Hansberger
Steve Johansen
Hon. Mustafa Kasubhai