OSB Pro Bono Policy Toolkit

The Oregon State Bar Pro Bono Committee is pleased to provide Oregon law firms with a Pro Bono Policy Toolkit that walks you through the development of a customized pro bono policy and produces a working draft with our online document creator. Good reasons to create a written pro bono policy are described below, but letís get started.

Customized Policies Fast, Easy, and Free

The Pro Bono Policy Toolkit includes four helpful resources:

  1. Model Pro Bono Policy Template. Use this template as your starting point to consider the sections you would like to include in your firmís pro bono policy (e.g., pro bono standards, firmís pro bono expectation, coordination of pro bono work).
  2. Pro Bono Policy Worksheet. Print the worksheet and answer the 20 multiple-choice questions to develop the details of your firmís pro bono policy.
  3. Pro Bono Policy Handbook. Refer to the handbook for additional information about each of the 20 worksheet questions to guide your choices.
  4. Online Document Creator. Once you have answers to the worksheet questions, complete the worksheet online to produce your customized, fully-editable pro bono policy draft.

Get Started!
We recommend that you start by printing the Model Pro Bono Policy Template, the Pro Bono Policy Worksheet, and the Pro Bono Policy Handbook. Review the materials, and complete the Pro Bono Policy Worksheet by hand. Some firms may find it helpful to complete the worksheet by committee, while others may delegate the task to individual lawyers. Then use the Online Document Creator to enter your worksheet answers and produce your customized draft policy.

Open and Print the Model Policy Pro Bono Policy Template
Open and Print the Pro Bono Policy Worksheet
Open and Print the Pro Bono Policy Handbook

Click Here to Complete the Worksheet Online
and Create Your Firmís Customized Pro Bono Policy

Help is Available
For more information, contact the OSB Pro Bono Program Coordinator at (503) 431-6355 or probono@osbar.org. You can schedule on-site assistance at your firm from members of the OSB Pro Bono Committee, and several Portland law firms (both large and small) who have used the OSB Pro Bono Policy Toolkit are available as a resource.

Benefits to Clients, Benefits to Law Firms
We all agree that encouraging pro bono work by lawyers and law firms is an important goal. Pro bono work benefits individual lawyers, law firms, and their communities. It provides personal satisfaction,

invaluable training and experience, presents opportunities to attract clients, and increases access to justice for low-income people and non-profit organizations. The OSB Pro Bono Policy Toolkit makes it easy for law firms to participate in the Multnomah Bar Association Pro Bono Pledge Initiative.

Why Establish a Written Pro Bono Policy?
A written pro bono policy emphasizes your firmís commitment to pro bono work and to your community. It can provide guidance and encouragement to newer lawyers as they are developing their professional standards and integrating pro bono work into their individual practices. A written policy is a reflection to the broader community of your firmís desire to serve the needs of those less advantaged members of the community.

A Note about Confidentiality
Neither your worksheet answers nor your customized pro bono policy draft will be saved by the OSB web server. To the extent that your web server is secure, your information will be confidential.

Weíd Love to Hear from You!
We want to recognize firms that use this tool to develop a pro bono policy. Please let us know if you give it a try, and consider sharing a copy of your written pro bono policy for use by other law firms. Email the OSB Pro Bono Program at probono@osbar.org.