Professional Liability Fund Coverage

Unless noted otherwise by a pro bono program, lawyers who provide pro bono services must have Professional Liability Fund (PLF) coverage.

Oregon State Bar certified pro bono programs are eligible to receive free PLF coverage for their volunteers. Ask the program to see its PLF policy. The following pro bono programs provide free PLF coverage to volunteers for 2006:

  • Catholic Charities Immigration Legal Services (Portland)
  • Catholic Charities/El Progamo Hispano (Portland)
  • Community Development Law Center (Portland)
  • Immigration Counseling Service (Portland)
  • Lane County Legal Aid (Eugene)
  • Lane County Law and Advocacy Center (Eugene)
  • Legal Aid Services of Oregon (Portland)
  • Lewis & Clark Legal Clinic (Portland)
  • Lewis and Clark Small Business Legal Clinic (Portland)
  • Oregon Advocacy Center (Portland)
  • Oregon Crime Victoms Law Center (Portland)
  • Oregon Law Center (Portland)
  • OSB Military Assistance Panel (Portland)
  • OSB Problem Solvers Program (Portland)
  • St. Andrew Legal Clinic (Portland)
  • U.S. Distrcit Court Pro Bono Program(Portland)

The Center for Non Profit Legal Services provides malpractice insurance to volunteers through the NLADA. Lawyers who volunteer for pro bono programs that require but do not provide PLF coverage are responsible for having their own private coverage.

Click here for more information on the OSB Pro Bono Certification Program


(A) The PLF will provide malpractice coverage without charge for claims made against PLF-exempt Oregon attorneys arising from their work for OSB certified pro bono programs under the specific provisions of this policy. This policy may be amended or rescinded at any time.

(B) As used in this policy:

(1) The words "Pro Bono Coverage" mean the PLF coverage provided to a Pro Bono Program through a PLF Master Plan pursuant to this policy.

(2) The words "Pro Bono Program" mean an organized program which has been certified by the Oregon State Bar as an OSB Pro Bono Program under Bar Bylaw 13.201(a)(1), (2) or (5).

(3) The words "Volunteer Attorney" means an active member of the Oregon State Bar who has claimed exemption from PLF participation at the time of providing legal services to clients without compensation through the Pro Bono Program.

(C) A Pro Bono Program may apply to the PLF for Pro Bono Coverage under a PLF Master Plan by providing the following information:

(1) A copy of the application submitted to the Oregon State Bar in connection with its request for certification as an OSB Pro Bono Program under BOG Policy Manual Chapter 15 and all supplemental and renewal applications;

(2) A list of all staff officers and staff attorneys, as well as a list of all Volunteer Attorneys who have provided services through the Pro Bono Program within the prior 12 months;

(3) A projection of the likely number of Volunteer Attorneys who will participate in the program during the coming 12 months, the number of matters or clients which the Volunteer Attorneys will likely handle, and the estimated percent of volunteer attorneys who will not have regular PLF coverage;

(4) Details of the Pro Bono Programs existing malpractice coverage, including a copy of the declarations sheet and policy; and

(5) Such other information as the PLF may request.

(D) Upon receipt of the information listed in subsection (C), the PLF will issue a Master Plan to the Pro Bono Program at no charge providing malpractice coverage for Volunteer Attorneys who provide legal services to clients through the Pro Bono Program. The exact scope and nature of the Pro Bono Coverage will be as provided in the master policy, as such master policy may be modified by the Board of Directors from time to time in the future. Pro Bono Coverage may be terminated by the PLF at any time upon notice to the Pro Bono Program, and will automatically terminate at such time as any Pro Bono Program ceases to qualify as an OSB Pro Bono Program under BOG Policy 15.400 or 15.500.

(E) Each Pro Bono Program receiving Pro Bono Coverage will submit an annual report in such form as the PLF may request listing the names of the Volunteer Attorneys who provided services to clients through the Pro Bono Program during the prior calendar year as well as details of the number of clients and matters handled and the nature of the services provided.

(F) Malpractice coverage provided under this Policy 3.800 may be terminated by the PLF at any time upon 30 days notice to participating Pro Bono Programs.