OSB Pro Bono Committee


The OSB Pro Bono Committee is charged to assist in:

  • developing and expanding pro bono programs and activities designed to provide access to the justice system, in civil matters, for clients unable to pay for attorneys services.
  • expanding legal aid services and activities throughout the state
  • helping all members of the bar understand and fulfill their responsibility to provide pro bono legal services.

Goals and Objectives

1. Develop plans and strategies that will institutionalize a pro bono culture in the state. Developing the plans and carrying out plan strategies should include other groups involved in pro bono such as the courts, OSB Sections, OSB New Lawyers Divisions Pro Bono Challenge, local bar pro bono committees, the Campaign for Equal Justice, and legal service providers. These plans should include but not be limited to the following:

Pro Bono Promotion

  • Provide information to the legal community and the public about pro bono services
  • Develop and market a model pro bono policy for law firms statewide
  • Explore incentives that the Oregon State Bar can provide to members to encourage pro bono service
  • Explore options for pro bono service by government attorneys
  • Work with law schools to prepare lawyers for meeting their pro bono obligation
  • Continue to work with State Family Law Advisory Committee Subcommittee on Self-Represented Litigants to develop strategies for judicial involvement
  • Continue to coordinate strategy among pro bono committees to prevent duplication of effort

Reporting and Evaluation

  • Coordinate voluntary pro bono hours reporting
  • Continue to evaluate and improve voluntary pro bono reporting
        (OSB Pro Bono Roll Call)
  • Evaluate use of OSB Lawyer-to-Lawyer Program as pro bono resource


  • Continue to recognize lawyers who provide 40+ hours to certified pro bono programs with CLE coupons
  • Continue to coordinate recognition of law students who provide pro bono service with certificates signed by Chief Justice
  • Continue to recognize lawyers who participate in the Pro Bono Roll Call by assisting with coordination of the ONLD Pro Bono Challenge

2. Solicit nominations for the OSB Award of Merit, the Presidents Public Service Award Membership Service Award, Affirmative Action Awards, The Joint Bench Bar Professionalism Award and any other state, local and national awards for lawyers who contribute to serving the legal needs of Oregonians

Projects Planned for 2011

  • Check back for future developments

Oregon State Bar Pro Bono Committee Members

Ms. Blackmon, Tiffany Hendrix    Chairperson
Ms. Hedman, Natalie A    Chairperson
Mr. Kress, Kevin P    Secretary
Ms. Allen, Mary Beth    Member
Ms. Almquist, Kristine M    Member
Mr. Avison, David B    Member
Mr. Capper, Rio     Member
Mr. Clarke, John C    Member
Mr. dos Santos, Mathew W    Member
Ms. Guile-Hinman, Amanda     Member
Mr. Reed, Nicholas S    Member
Ms. Ridenour, Adele J    Member
Ms. Russell, Kelli     Member
Mr. Shin, Michael S    Member
Ms. Westmeyer, Laura     Member
Ms. Kemper, Heather     Advisory Member
Mr. Foster, Eric R    BOG Contact
Mr. Althouse, Michael     NLD Liaison
Mr. Walsh, Zach     NLD Liaison
Mr. Penn, William C    Bar Liaison

Advisory Members:
Maya Crawford, Legal Aid Services of Oregon
Saron Brewer, Oregon Law Center

Other State and Local Bar Pro Bono Committees

The Oregon New Lawyers Division (ONLD) Pro Bono Subcommittee identifies pro bono needs not being addressed by other organizations and suggests ONLD programs and proposals to enhance delivery of legal services to the indigent.

The Multnomah Bar Association Young Lawyers Section Pro Bono Committee encourages lawyers to donate their legal skills and time to the poor by planning projects that provide pro bono participation. The committee writes and publishes a juvenile rights handbook and a domestic violence handbook; coordinates volunteers for homeless youth programs; and sponsors a non-profit project pairing volunteer attorneys with non-profit organizations.