Provisional Licensing Program

Provisional Licensing Program: February 2022 Bar Exam

During the administration of the February 2022 Oregon State Bar Examination, the HVAC system at the hosting venue malfunctioned, resulting in cold temperatures for most test takers. To address the likelihood that the testing environment affected the performance of test-takers, the Oregon Supreme Court in July approved a Provisional Licensing Program (PLP) to allow applicants from this cohort who did not achieve a passing score an alternative pathway to demonstrate minimum competency. The Board of Bar Examiners (BBX) is developing the program. The application to participate is now available at the link below.

This pathway will allow qualified candidates (those who have done everything necessary for admission but secure a passing score on the February 2022 exam) to secure a license through a period of supervised practice. While completing 1500 hours of supervised practice, candidates will complete legal work to be evaluated by both supervising attorneys and bar examiners, in order to demonstrate minimum competency to practice law.

The BBX has developed rubrics for those assessments in consultation with Professor Deborah Merritt of The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law, who is a recognized expert in assessment. In the list of Resources below, you will find:

  • A PDF that includes all rubrics and templates used in the Program, including the evaluation forms that Examiners will complete

  • A Word document that includes the templates that Provisional Licensees will complete

  • A Word document that includes the rubrics that Supervising Attorneys will complete

  • An Excel sheet for Provisional Licensees to document their hours in the Program

These documents are ready for Provisional Licensees and Supervising Attorneys to begin using.

This page will be updated regularly.