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ONLD Practice Drive

The Oregon New Lawyers Division of the Oregon State Bar is pleased to provide you with our ONLD Practice Drive.

The ONLD thanks the Oregon Professional Liability Fund, the Lewis & Clark Small Business Legal Clinic, and other organizations and individuals who were kind enough to assist with this project by providing forms and resources for inclusion on the drive.

As with any form-based resource, the ONLD cannot guarantee that the Practice Drive is either complete or up to date; as the law changes, the utility of each of these documents may change as well. Users must depend on their own legal research, knowledge of the law, and expertise in using or modifying each form. The resources on the drive are not intended to be a substitute for the hard work involved in organizing and administering a legal practice, but rather serve as a starting point from which new attorneys may build their practices. The forms and references provided may not be suitable for every practice, and attorneys are expected to amend and supplement these resources as needed.

The ONLD welcomes your feedback on improvements to the ONLD Practice Drive. We are constantly looking for ways in which we can improve this project, and any comments, questions or concerns are greatly appreciated. You may also send comments or questions to