MCLE Committee

The Minimum Continuing Legal Education Committee assists and advises the Board of Governors on issues relating to the MCLE Rules and Regulations and operation of the MCLE program. The MCLE Committee consists of six active Oregon State Bar members and one public member appointed by the Board of Governors. Members serve three-year terms. The MCLE Committee reviews decisions of the MCLE Administrator that are challenged by members or sponsors. It also recommends changes to the MCLE Rules, Regulations and operating procedures to ensure that the program is efficient and effective.

Committee Members

Zerkel, Katherine Michelle    Chairperson
Adkin, Adam Tyler    Secretary
Fjordbeck, Denise G    Member
Gibson, K William    Member
Kuenzi, Sandy Lyon    Member
Mellgren, John R    Member
Olsen, Douglas R    Member
Thompson, Eugene M    Member
Elliott, Karen M    Public Member
Reeves, Liani JH    BOG Contact
Cline, Denise     Bar Liaison