BarBooks™ is an online library of all of the books published by the Oregon State Bar Legal Publications Department together with other resources. Thanks to the OSB Board of Governors, and the generous and continuing contribution of the Professional Liability Fund, it is a member benefit for all Active and Active Pro Bono members of the Oregon State Bar.

BarBooks™ is also available for a fee for county law libraries, inactive members, nonmembers, and support staff of law firms or lawyers with active bar members. Oregon law school students can access BarBooks™ via their school library.

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County law library $295 (per terminal)
Inactive member $290 (per year)
Non-member $395 (per year)
Support staff $50 (per year)

Email the order form to If you have questions you can either email them to this address or call 503-431-6345.


Need to purchase a print copy of an OSB Legal Publications book? Go to the online Bookstore where you can order and pay online 24/7.

Preorder Publications

Rights of Foreign Nationals
Oregon Cannabis Codebook

New Publications

Insurance Law in Oregon
Oregon Insurance Law Codebook
Oregon Uniform Jury Instructions
Oregon Automobile Law Compilation
ADR in Oregon
Construction Law in Oregon
Juvenile Law: Delinquency
Advising Oregon Businesses
Fee Agreement Compendium
Guardianships, Conservatorships, and Transfer to Minors

E-Books by Chapter

The OSB Legal Publications Department now offers four E-Book Download series. Available titles include chapters from Elder Law (2017 Rev.), Damages (2016 Rev.), Criminal Law (2013 Rev.), and Family Law (2013 Rev.). Download includes PDF and, where available, MS Word Forms.

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