BarBooks™ is an online library of all the legal treatises published by the Oregon State Bar Legal Publications program together with a few other resources. Thanks to the OSB Board of Governors, and the generous and continuing contribution of the Professional Liability Fund, it is a member benefit for all Active and Active Pro Bono members of the Oregon State Bar.

Available since its initial launch in 2007, and a member benefit since 2010, BarBooks™ has recently received an upgrade to a new, more user-friendly platform. The new platform launched on June 8 at noon.

If you have questions when navigating the new platform, check out our FAQs. If your question isn't answered there, email Legal Publications at

In addition to being a member benefit, BarBooks™ is available for a modest subscription fee for county law libraries, inactive members, nonmembers, and support staff of Active members or Oregon law firms with one or more Active bar members. Oregon law school students can access BarBooks™ via an account provided by their law school.

Access Type


Order Process

County law library $295 (per librarian)
Inactive member $290 (per year)
Non-member $395 (per year)
Support staff $50 (per year)

If you have questions, email OSB Legal Publications at If you are unable to order online, call (503) 431-6345 for assistance.


Need to purchase a print copy of an OSB Legal Publications book? Go to the online Bookstore where you can order and pay online 24/7. Books usually ship within a few days of ordering.

E-Books by Chapter

OSB Legal Publications also offers eBook downloads of many of our titles. Downloads include a PDF file and related forms as MS Word documents. Some titles are offered by individual chapter.

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