Oregon State Bar

Meeting of the Board of Governors

May 11, 2001

Mission Statement: The mission of the Oregon State Bar is to serve justice by promoting respect for the rule of law, by improving the quality of legal services, and by increasing access to justice.

Open Session Agenda


The meeting was called to order by President-Elect, Angel Lopez, Friday, May 11, 2001, at 11:35 a.m. and adjourned at 11:55 a.m. Present were Angel Lopez, William Carter, Gordon Davis, Bruce Anderson, Charles Williamson, James Brown, John Tyner, Lisa LeSage, Ronald Bryant, Mary Burrows, and Agnes Sowle (via telephone). Staff present were Karen Garst, Donna Richardson, Margaret Robinson and Teresa Bowen.

  1. Judicial Selection Special Committee
    1. Approve recommendations to Governor for Oregon Tax Court
    1. The board unanimously approved the following list of highly qualified candidates to be forwarded to the Governor with a letter of recommendation for appointment to the Oregon Tax Court prepared by President Ed Harnden.
    1. Henry C. Breihaupt
    2. John Scott Moede, III
    3. Scot Arthur Sideras
    4. Jill Arlene Tanner

2.Good of the Order (Non-action comments, information and notice of need for possible future board action)

    1. The board was notified of an anticipated lawsuit pursuant to a letter received from David Anderson, U.S. Department of Justice, threatening litigation against the OSB in conjunction with In v. Gatti.
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