OSB House of Delegates Listserve Info

The Oregon State Bar has created an electronic mail distribution list (list serve) for members of the HOD to share ideas and thoughts on governance and other issues relevant to the HOD member.

A list serve is essentially an electronic bulk email to all HOD members. The list serve offers members the capability of communicating instantly with a large group and a way to contribute to discussions. If you post to the list serve you are sending that posting to everyone.

Nine different email list serves are available to serve the HOD: the All HOD list serve is available to all members of the HOD, and separate list serves are available for use by members of Regions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and out-of-state. You can send messages to the All HOD list or your own region's list. You cannot send messages to another region's list. To post a message on the list serves, address your email to the appropriate address from the following list:

All HOD: hod@forums.osbar.org

Region 1: hod1@forums.osbar.org

Region 2: hod2@forums.osbar.org

Region 3: hod3@forums.osbar.org

Region 4: hod4@forums.osbar.org

Region 5: hod5@forums.osbar.org

Region 6: hod6@forums.osbar.org

Region 7: hod7@forums.osbar.org

Out-of-State: hod-oos@forums.osbar.org

Participation is open to all HOD members who have email addresses registered with the bar. Members are automatically signed up on the list serve; however, your participation is not mandatory. If you have questions about the HOD list serves or would like to be removed from the lists, contact Member Services at (503) 431-6385 or mlane@osbar.org.

DISCLAIMER: The distribution lists are provided as a service to members of the OSB House of Delegates. Neither the OSB nor the House of Delegates is responsible for the opinions and information distributed through any list. The OSB and the House of Delegates make no warranties with regard to the accuracy or applicability to any particular use of any information distributed through any list. In no event will the OSB or the House of Delegates be liable for any damages resulting from the dissemination or use of any information distributed through a list.