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Summary of 2005 House of Delegates Actions

October 1, 2005


BOG Resolution No. 1 - increases active membership fees by $50 for 2006 (inflationary cost over past five years, increased cost of outside counsel, and benefit costs).

BOG Resolution No. 2 - In Memoriam in honor of those bar members who passed away.

BOG Resolution No. 3 - approves changes to the Oregon Rules of Professional Conduct regarding IOLTA accounts.

BOG Resolution No. 4 - expresses appreciation for work of legislators during the 73rd Legislative Assembly.

BOG Resolution No. 5 – directs BOG to explore a subscription model for putting CLE Publications online.

Delegate Resolution No. 1 (part 2) – seeks to eliminate $40 MCLE fee for programs by local bar associations.

Delegates Resolution No. 2 - adopts goal of providing more teleconferenced OSB CLE Seminars.

Delegate Resolution No. 3 - adopts goal of using more 100% recycled paper.

Delegate Resolution No. 7 - expresses support for adequate funding for legal services for low-income Oregonians.


Delegate Resolution No. 1 (part 1) – amends MCLE programs to provide for automatic accreditation for any program sponsored by a local bar.

Delegate Resolution No. 4 – seeks revisions to statutes governing independent contractors.

Delegate Resolution No. 5 – seeks elimination of the certification requirement in Rule 7A.

Delegate Resolution No. 6 – seeks generation of form pleadings.

Delegate Resolution No. 8 – seeks elimination of “Elimination of Bias” requirement.

Delegate Resolution No. 9 – seeks vote of entire membership concerning “Elimination of Bias” requirement.