Oregon State Bar
2001 House of Delegates Meeting

The Oregon State Bar House of Delegates met on Saturday, September 22, 2001.

It took the following action:

  1. Approved an increase in the fee for inactive membership in the Oregon State Bar from $80.00 to $110.00 for 2002.

  2. Directed the Board of Governors to conduct a complete study of the Oregon State Bar disciplinary system with proportionate participation by solo and small firm practitioners and a $15,000 budget. The Board is to report on the results of the study to the House of Delegates and to make recommendations for changes to present processes, rules, and statutes at the 2002 House of Delegates meeting.

  3. Adopted an amendment to DR 1-102 to allow certain lawyers to advise clients and others about or to supervise lawful covert activity in the investigation of violations of civil or criminal law or constitutional rights, subject to certain restrictions. The proposed disciplinary rule change is the second effort of the Board of Governors and House of Delegates to address the Oregon Supreme Court’s ruling in In re Gatti, 330 Or. 517, 8 P.3d 966 (2000). The Oregon Supreme Court voted in April 2001 not to adopt a prior rule change approved by the Board of Governors and House of Delegates on this topic.

  4. Defeated a Board of Governors resolution proposing that the House of Delegates assume responsibility for the election of the Oregon State Bar’s delegates in the American Bar Association House of Delegates. The present process of statewide elections for OSB ABA Delegates will continue.

  5. A proposal to amend another disciplinary rule dealing with the ability of lawyers to underwrite the costs of litigation for clients (DR 5-103(B)), was dropped following the receipt of a report from the Oregon State Bar Legal Ethics Committee that recommended that the proposed change not be approved.


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