Uniform Civil Jury Instructions Committee

Develop uniform jury instructions for use in civil trials.

Meets the third Thursday of every month from 6 pm to 9 pm at various locations.

Mr. Armistead, Jeffrey     Chairperson
Mr. Young, Jeffrey Sherwin    Secretary
Mr. Beatty-Walters, Robert H    Member
Ms. Browning, Sheri C    Member
Ms. Craig, Lorelei     Member
Ms. Creighton, Beth     Member
Mr. Geil, John Clinton    Member
Mr. Hallinan, Michael B    Member
Ms. Johnson, Katie Jo    Member
Mr. Kuchulis, Anthony D    Member
Mr. Le Roux, Daniel Kevin    Member
Ms. Marcotrigiano, Eva M    Member
Mr. Park, David D    Member
Mr. Rosen, David M    Member
Ms. Townsend, Blair     Member
Hon. Watkins, Ulanda L    Member
Mr. Andries, Colin George    BOG Contact
Ms. Jacobs, Lorraine R    Bar Liaison