State Lawyers Assistance Committee

Investigate and resolve complaints about lawyers whose conduct impairs their ability to practice law.

Meets on the 4th Thursday every month, 4:00 p.m. at the OSB.

Mr. Strauhull, Jonathan P    Chairperson
Ms. Rufolo, Laura B    Secretary
Mr. Cleland, Robert R    Member
Mr. Yeoman-Millette, Tyler C    Member
Mr. Slavin, Ian Jeffrey    Member
Ms. Labrecque, Amber L    Member
Dr. Baskerville, Mark J    Member
Ms. Parsons, Kirsten L    Member
Ms. Reger, Jennifer K    Member
Mr. Doyle, Kelly "Kade" Michael    Member
Ms. French, Karma L    Member
Mr. Bodzin, Jay     Member
Ms. Butcher, Sara L    Member
Mr. McKean, Matthew C    BOG Contact
Mr. Chourey, Nik T    Bar Liaison
Smith, Robyn     Bar Liaison
Villanueva, Michael     Public Member
Versteeg, Edward B.    Public Member
Mr. Querin, Douglas S    OAAP Liaison