Pro Bono Committee

Assist with expansion of services to low-income clients in civil matters.

Meets the second Monday of every month virtually.

Mr. Snyder, Daniel     Chairperson
Ms. Saint Marie, Katina R    Secretary
Mr. Riley, Carson C    Member
Mr. Calo, Robert R    Member
Fishman, Laura     Member
Mr. Horvat, Robert J    Member
Mr. Housley, Daniel C    Member
Ms. Huntington, Margaret V    Member
Ms. Su, Ann Y    Member
Ms. Martin, Jennifer J    Member
Mr. Macleod, Ian David    Member
Mr. Black, Richard W    Member
Ms. Mallery, Jill R    Advisory Member
Ms. Engelsman, Stephanie J    BOG Contact
Mr. McClendon, Eric Eugene    Bar Liaison
Ms. Gray, Rachael C    ONLD Liaison