Pro Bono Committee

Assist with expansion of services to low-income clients in civil matters.

Meets the 1st Tuesday of every other month from 12-1pm at Miller Nash LLP.

Ms. Blackmon, Tiffany Hendrix    Chairperson
Ms. Hedman, Natalie A    Chairperson
Ms. Allen, Mary Beth    Member
Ms. Almquist, Kristine M    Member
Mr. Avison, David B    Member
Mr. Capper, Rio     Member
Mr. Clarke, John C    Member
Mr. dos Santos, Mathew W    Member
Ms. Guile-Hinman, Amanda     Member
Mr. Reed, Nicholas S    Member
Ms. Ridenour, Adele J    Member
Ms. Russell, Kelli     Member
Mr. Shin, Michael S    Member
Ms. Westmeyer, Laura     Member
Mr. Foster, Eric R    BOG Contact
Mr. Althouse, Michael     NLD Liaison
Mr. Walsh, Zach     NLD Liaison
Mr. Penn, William C    Bar Liaison