MCLE Committee

Provides input, analysis and evaluation of the program that accredits education programs for Oregon attorneys.

Meets Friday at noon, four times a year at the OSB.

Ms. Patton, Nancy B    Chairperson
Ms. Biencourt, Erin Nicole    Secretary
Mr. Parkllan, Bryce A    Member
Ms. Feldman, Sarah E    Member
Ms. Abercrombie, Nicole A W    Member
Ms. Galli, Erin     Member
Ms. Jeno, Anna Louise    Member
Mr. MacDonald, Colin D A    Member
Mr. Montero-Sanchez, Apolinar     BOG Contact
Ms. Baumann, Kellie L    Bar Liaison
Ms. Steele, Autumn Nicole    ONLD Liaison
Mr. Kelsberg, Daniel     Public Member