Legal Heritage Committee

Preserve and communicate the history of the OSB to interested groups.

Meets on Saturday 3-4 times a year, 10:30 a.m. at various locations.

Mr. Monson, Mark Douglas    Chairperson
Ms. Miller, Abby K    Secretary
Mr. Allen, Charles     Member
Mr. Bowen, Alfred Frank    Member
Mr. Brown, Marc D    Member
Mr. Cartwright, Breckenridge     Member
Ms. Flint, Ellen D    Member
Ms. Hogg, Susan     Member
Ms. Krishnaswami, Nicole A    Member
Mr. Narus, Andrew M    Member
Mr. Parsons, Spencer Q    Member
Mr. Ransom, Hollis C    Member
Ms. Reuther, Megan R    Member
Mr. Roy, David P    Member
Ms. Staley, Darsee     Member
Mr. Turner, Michael John    Member
Mr. Vergamini, Michael D    Member
Nickell, Paul     Public Member
Mr. Rondeau, Michael J    BOG Contact
Ms. Edwards, Dani     Bar Liaison