9/15/22 Legal Ethics Subcommittee Meeting Agenda on RPC 8.4(a)(7)

Legal Ethics Committee

Develop opinions in response to ethics inquiries; recommend changes to the ethics code.

Meets every other month on Saturday, 9:30 a.m., at various locations.

Ms. Wilkinson, Alison F    Chairperson
Ms. Price, Jessica G    Secretary
Mr. Ludington, Monte G    Member
Mr. Jones, Philip N    Member
Mr. Fucile, Mark J    Member
Ms. Butterfield, Lisanne M    Member
Ms. Bruun, Bailee Katherine    Member
Mr. Murphy, Keegan C    Member
Mr. Olsen, Douglas R    Member
Mr. Bradley, Gabriel     Member
Mr. Westover, Joseph     Member
Ms. Bobadilla, Melissa     Member
Mr. Logan, Shawn E    Member
Thompson, Trisha     Member
Mr. McDonnell, Brendan R    Member
Ms. Guzman, Chantal     Member
Ms. Denning, Katherine H    BOG Contact
Mr. Doshi, Ankur Hasmukh    Bar Liaison
Shay, Jerri     Bar Liaison