Legal Ethics Committee

Develop opinions in response to ethics inquiries; recommend changes to the ethics code.

Meets every other month on Saturday, 9:30 a.m., at various locations.

Mr. Thorp, Justin M    Chairperson
Mr. Monson, Jonathan W    Secretary
Ms. Alarcon, Jacqueline Lizeth    Member
Ms. Alterman, Susan T    Member
Mr. Camacho, A Vada    Member
Ms. Craig, Lorelei     Member
Mr. Fonseca, Walter F    Member
Ms. Goodwin, Andrea     Member
Ms. Hecht, Raquel E    Member
Ms. Millan, Tara Kaylene    Member
Mr. Peterson, J Adam     Member
Ms. Smythe, Barbara     Member
Mr. Thompson, Eugene M    Member
Mr. Thompson, Guy J    Member
Mr. Tolliver, Corey B    Member
Ms. Underhill, Dayna E    Member
Ms. Wahl, AJ     Member
Ms. Cooke, Jenny     BOG Contact
Ms. Hollister, Amber A    Bar Liaison