Client Security Fund Committee

Investigate and recommend acceptance or rejection of claims for reimbursement of lawyer theft or misappropriation of client money.

Meets on Saturday, every other month, 9:30 a.m. at various locations.

Ms. Cooper, Nancy M    Chairperson
Mr. Stamm, Douglas Jordan    Secretary
Mr. Braun, Richard H    Member
Ms. Hisey, Jennifer S    Member
Hooten, Carrie     Member
Mr. Jones, Rod M    Member
Ms. Ledgerwood, Ann M    Member
Mr. Roy, David P    Member
Ms. Sage, Lucille     Member
Mr. Steinberg, Daniel L    Member
Ms. Thompson, Stephanie Antonia    Member
Mr. Whitlock, Richard C    Member
Mr. Young, Raymond P    Member
Sharp, Kerry L    BOG Contact
Ms. Hollister, Amber A    Bar Liaison