Bar Press Broadcasters Council

Provide a means of communication among the OSB, Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association and Oregon Association of Broadcasters.

Meets 3-4 times a year on Saturday, 10:00 a.m. at the OSB.

Mr. Healy, Scott P    Chairperson
Ms. Andrews, Dawn     Member
Mr. Baxter-Neal, Leland     Member
Ms. Cadiz, Laura K    Member
Ms. Cozine, Nancy     Member
Mr. Johnson, Dexter A    Member
Mr. Kauffman, Samuel C    Member
Hon. Lininger, Ann M    Member
Mr. Moore, Sidney E    Member
Ms. Philips, Rachel     Member
Hon. Silver, Gregory F    Member
Mr. Underhill, Rodney Dale    Member
Ms. Reeves, Liani JH    BOG Contact
Walsh, Kateri     Bar Liaison