Advisory Committee on Diversity & Inclusion

Members of the Advisory Committee on Diversity and Inclusion (ACDI) score applications for the Public Honors, Clerkship Stipend, Scholarship, and Bar Exam Grant programs. This committee of 20 volunteer attorneys, one OSB liaison and two public members is a critical part of the Diversity and Inclusion Department. The Committee also provides vision, advises the D&I staff, and is a strong program advocate.

Meets the 3rd Monday of every month (except July, August and December) at 3-5 p.m.

Mr. Patterson, Jonathan A    Chairperson
Ms. Rutledge, Kasia E    Secretary
Ms. Brown, Adrian Lee    Member
Mr. Davis, Bryson E    Member
Ms. Groberg, Claudia G    Member
Mr. Hernandez, Tomas     Member
Ms. Krant, Susan Bradley    Member
Ms. Low, May Y    Member
Ms. Masih, Aruna A    Member
Ms. McGlaughlin, Sarah E    Member
Ms. Montag, Andrea G.    Member
Mr. Nguyen, Toan-Hao B    Member
Ms. Patterson, Jollee Faber    Member
Ms. Reading, Julie D    Member
Ms. Reddy, SreeVamshi C    Member
Ms. Summer, Miranda     Member
Cowal, Janet T    Public Member
Range, Juanita     Public Member
Ms. Commissiong, Nicole Rachael    Advisory Member
Ms. Myles, Phylis Chadwell    Advisory Member
Ms. Reeves, Liani JH    BOG Contact
Ms. Gregory, Shari R    OAAP Liaison
Ms. Fryefield, Chris Bianca    NLD Liaison
Puente, Jonathan     Bar Liaison