2012 Candidate Voting Guide

Judicial Voting

Welcome to the Oregon State Bar's Judicial Candidate Voting Guide. This guide has been created to provide Oregon voters with detailed backgrounds and professional histories on judicial candidates throughout Oregon. The site includes background on almost every judicial candidate in a contested race this year, as well as many candidates running unopposed in the primary.

Because of the unique nature of judicial races, candidates are prohibited from discussing controversial community matters in order to maintain their ability to be impartial on future cases. These prohibitions exist to ensure a fair and impartial judicial system. Voters, however, need enough information to make informed choices. This Voter's Guide is designed to provide that level of detail.

It is also designed as a research tool for news reporters and editorial researchers. In addition to extensive professional histories, candidates are asked to provide their perspectives on the judicial role, why they want to be a judge, and issues of particular concern to them in Oregon's justice system.

Additional information about Oregon's court system can be found at the Oregon Judicial Department web site.

Please note: The OSB does not edit or verify information provided by candidates. All surveys are posted as received. We welcome feedback about this service. Please click here with your comments or suggestions: kwalsh@osbar.org

Results for the September 2012 Judicial Preference Poll.

Oregon Supreme Court, Position 3

Court of Appeals, Position 6

1st District (Jackson County), Position 7

2nd District (Lane County), Position 8

Valeri L. Love, Incumbent

2nd District (Lane County), Position 12

3rd District (Marion County), Position 5

Vance D. Day, Incumbent

3rd District (Marion County), Position 8

David E. Leith, Incumbent

3rd District (Marion County), Position 10

Lindsay Partridge, Incumbent

3rd District (Marion County), Position 12

6th District (Morrow & Umatilla County), Position 1

6th District (Morrow & Umatilla County), Position 4

7th District (Hood River County), Position 1

9th District (Malheur County), Position 2

Lung S. Hung, Incumbent
Brian Zanotelli

10th District (Union County), Position 1

Brian C. Dretke, Incumbent

11th District (Deschutes County), Position 2

11th District (Deschutes County), Position 3

Roger J. DeHoog, Incumbent

12th District (Polk County), Position 3

20th District (Washington County), Position 9

Oscar Garcia, Incumbent

20th District (Washington County), Position 11

Janelle Factora Wipper, Incumbent

22nd District (Jefferson County), Position 1

Annette C. Hillman, Incumbent