Formal Ethics Opinion Library – Table of Contents

In September 2005, the Board of Governors approved the issuance of Formal Ethics Opinions 2005-1 through 2005-175 to replace the previous Formal Ethics Opinions issued between 1991 and 2004. For the most part, the opinions are identical in substance to their predecessor counterparts, but with citations and references to conform to the Oregon Rules of Professional Conduct that became effective January 1, 2005. Citations to newer case law and other interpretative authorities, including the ABA Model Rules, have also been added.

With the issuance of these 2005 opinions, the Board of Governors has withdrawn the prior opinions as formal authorities. It is recognized, however, that the 1991 through 2004 opinions may be of value in analyzing professional conduct that occurred before the effective date of the Oregon RPCs and the issuance of the new opinions is not meant to suggest that the prior opinions were incorrect or inadequate in their interpretation of the former Oregon Code of Professional Responsibility.