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Speaking at a CLE?
Free Speaker Presentation Tips

Boost your public speaking skills with these short seven-minute videos that will help to improve your public speaking capabilities.

How to Create the Outline for a 25 Minute Speech

Build the framework for an effective speech by identifying audience impact, establishing your expertise, and making your topic relevant to the audience.

Create a Compelling Introduction

Maximize your credibility with tips for how to hook the audience, emphasize your authority, and remind listeners of why they should pay attention.

Using Two Dimensions of Vocal Variety when Speaking

Improve your speaking skills and make your message memorable by focusing on pacing and volume to connect with your audience.

Control Nerves When Speaking

Boot the butterflies from your stomach while at the podium with tips that range from rehearsing and setting presentation goals to using note cards and deep breathing.

How to Handle Questions While Presenting

Gain six tips to improve your speaking style and interact more effectively, including how to bond with your audience and wrap up with a call to action.