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LETTERS ant meals together. Frankly, he was just a great person to be around. iStock Thomas K. Elden, Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif. Remembering Wally Ogdahl I appreciated the letter about Wally Ogdahl noting his military service (May 2016). The author mentioned similar con- tributions from OSU and OSB. (My dad, Lt. Ralph W. Elden, USN, is memorial- ized on the OSU website and elsewhere). I miss Wally. I don’t recall trading Viet- nam stories, but clearly he was in harm’s way far more than most. When a lawyer dies, his character comes in a flash to our mind. Wally was fun. He was professional, but he had a great time being a lawyer. My favorite memory is fighting a case with him in Roseburg over the revocation of the license of an adult foster care facil- ity. The facts were grim, as an elderly lady had arguably been beaten to death by a caregiver. Or, as one nurse witness from the south said in a remark that made us cringe, the victim looked like she had been dragged behind a pickup truck. But on adjournments, Wally and I had pleas- There Are Other Good Places to Work, Too I loved your article by Kay Pulju on the 7th Judicial District and practicing law in the Gorge (“South of the Gorge,” July 2016). As the past president of the local bar, I was happy to see that you featured some new attorneys since when I lived there two years ago. I was also happy to see that no one sugar-coated the dire legal cli- mate for employment opportunities there. But let’s define networking. Accord- ing to Webster’s, it is to interact with other people to exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one’s career. As the son of a former NCAA Division 1 hockey program (Michigan), I take my sports seriously and can tell you that I was snowboarding Mount Hood, riding Post Canyon or windsurfing the Columbia every day the weather would allow for six years. It was awesome. But to think that anyone networks on the trail is kind of silly. Last night, I was at the Caucus Room in the Cannon Building on Capitol Hill with about 200 lobbyists, attorneys, mili- tary people and elected representatives from around the country. Oregon lawyers who want to practice law and network should move from the Gorge to our na- tion’s capital. There is lots of work here, and the networking opportunities are way better than on Post Canyon. The Gorge is a wonderful place, but there are better places to work and network. Timothy M.B. Farrell, Washington, D.C. We Love Letters The Bulletin welcomes letters. In gen- eral, letters should pertain to recent ar- ticles, columns or other letters and should be limited to 250 words. Other things to keep in mind: Letters must be original and addressed to the Bulletin editor. We do not reprint letters addressed to other publications, to other individuals, to whom it may con- cern, etc. Preference is given to letters responding to letters to the editor, arti- cles or columns recently published in the Bulletin. Letters must be signed. Unsigned or anonymous letters will not be published. (There are exceptions. Inquire with the editor.) Letters may not promote indi- vidual products, services or political can- didates. All letters must comply with the guidelines of Keller v. State Bar of Califor- nia in that they must be germane to the purpose of regulating the legal profession or improving the quality of the legal ser- vices available to the people of Oregon. Letters may be edited for grammatical errors, style or length, or in cases where language or information is deemed unsuit- able or inappropriate for publication. Pro- fane or obscene language is not accepted. We strive to print as many letters as possible. Therefore, brevity is important, and preference will be given to letters that are 250 words or less. Letters become the property of the Oregon State Bar. Au- thors of rejected letters are notified by the editor. Send letters to: Editor, OSB Bulletin, P.O. Box 231935, Tigard, OR 97281. HOW TO REACH US: In Oregon, call us toll-free at (800) 452-8260. In the Portland area and outside Oregon, our number is (503) 620-0222. The fax num- ber is (503) 684-1366. Email addresses and voice mail extension numbers for Bulletin staff are: Paul Nickell, editor, (ext. 340); Julie Hankin, associate editor, (ext. 391); and Spencer Glantz, classified advertising and lawyer announcements, (ext. 356). ADVERTISING: For display advertising rates and information, please contact our display advertising representative, Paul Vollmar, LLM Publications, (503) 445- 2222; (800) 657-1511 ext. 2220; email:; website: For classified and lawyer announcement advertising rates and information, please call Spencer Glantz at OSB, (503) 620-0222 or toll-free in Oregon, (800) 452-8260, ext. 356; email: AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2016 • OREGON STATE BAR BULLETIN 5