OSB Barbooks™ Office Share Group

Are you a sole practitioner who shares an office with colleagues?
You can now sign up for BarBooks™ as an Office Share Group. For the same price as a similarly sized firm, you can have at your disposal the same benefits that almost 3,000 of your fellow Oregon lawyers have been enjoying.

Signing up is easy.
All you do is fill out this form, mail it in, and within a week you (or your Office Share Group’s designated primary attorney contact) will receive an email letting you know that you and your Office Share Group members are ready to use BarBooks™. If one or more attorneys in your Office Share Group have an existing BarBooks™ subscription, the primary attorney contact will instead receive an email detailing how the Office Share Group account will be prorated to reflect the existing subscription(s). Please note that we can only accept a single payment either by check or credit card for the Office Share Group subscription.

Click here if you’d like more info on BarBooks™ or, if you’re ready to sign up, click here to fill out an Office Share Group order form.

Office Share Group order form
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