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Oregon Real Estate Deskbook
Oregon Real Estate Deskbook is a complete reorganization of the five current real estate series books, combining chapters that covered the same topics from different angles. In addition, it includes updated chapters from Foreclosing Security Interests and 10 brand new chapters.

The new five-volume book is available as a complete set or as individual volumes. The comprehensive tables and index, included with the complete set, can be ordered separately with any one individual volume.

The following titles are included in the Oregon Real Estate Deskbook:

• Volume 1: Estates, Title, Easements, CC&Rs, Acquisition, and Dispositions
• Volume 2: Financing Transactions
• Volume 3: Leasing, Condominiums, Planned Communities, and Timeshares
• Volume 4: Nonpossessory Rights, Unique Property Types, and Legal Considerations
• Volume 5: Taxes, Assessments, and Real Estate Disputes

The Oregon Real Estate Codebook, which contains the primary Oregon Revised Statutes related to real estate, is available as an add-on to the Oregon Real Estate Deskbook.

All publications include necessary binders. This publication will be ready to ship in August.

Preorder your copy now and save 20% on the complete set. Preorder offer expires July 31, 2015.

Land Use
Now completely revised, this book explains how the statewide planning goals and land use regulations may restrict your clients’ uses of their property, how to work with local governments, and what to do if your client’s case leads to litigation. Topics include: in-depth analysis of Ballot Measures 37 and 49; RLUIPA and FHA’s effect on land use planning in Oregon; discussion of proposed 2010 amendments to LUBA rules of procedure; constitutional issues in annexations; review of tax incentives, exemptions, and credits related to land use; and citizen involvement in the land use planning process.


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